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Klaus spent his designated amount of days in rehab and Luca was there to pick him up

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Klaus spent his designated amount of days in rehab and Luca was there to pick him up. When the two locked eyes, they ran to each other to give one another a loving kiss. "Why was that the longest week of my life?" Klaus asked Luca when they parted.

Luca didn't reply. He was too busy thinking of how he was going to break the news to Klaus. His father had died. It had only been informed to him moments ago via radio. "Klaus..." Luca rubbed his thumb over Klaus' palm.

"What is it?" Klaus asked Luca.

"Your father," Luca sighed, "he's dead. I just heard the news."

Klaus' face went blank. Never in a million years did he think his father would die.

* * *

The Hargreeves mansion was very intimidating. It was tall and filled with unreasonably expensive furniture. Luca and his mother never could even lay their eyes upon such luxuries, yet, here Luca was dating an heir of it all. The two were in the office and Klaus was digging about in his father's desk as Luca scanned all of the decor in the office. Many plaques of accomplishment lined the intricate walls of the office. While the two weren't looking, Klaus' sister arrived in the room and was watching the two intently as they scavenged around the room. "Klaus?" Allison spoke up, gaining the attention of both Luca and Klaus.

"What are you doing in here?" Allison asked.

"Oh! Allison! Wow, is that you? Hey, come here," Klaus embraced his sister, "long time. Too long. Hey, I was hoping to see you, actually, because I wanted to get your autograph. Add it to my collection!" Klaus spoke cheerily to his sister, trying to make small talk.

Allison grabbed Klaus' wrist with was encased in his medical bracelet from the rehab clinic. "Just out of rehab?" She inquired.

"No! No, no, no..." Klaus trailed off, trying to tug the bracelet off.

"Yes." Luca rolled his eyes. He stepped up to greet Allison. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Hargreeves. I'm Luca, Klaus' boyfriend." Luca reached out his hand to shake Allison's.

Allison smiled brightly and pulled Luca in for a hug. "You can call me Allison. I like your honesty." She appreciated him.

Luca was shocked that she went in straight for the hug, but, he couldn't lie, he did enjoy feeling accepted by one of Klaus' family members since he had never met any until now. "No, I'm done with all that." Klaus sighed, speaking about the drugs. He looked over at Luca, glad he had found someone that would set him in line— despite it taking a whole year to do so.

"I just came down here to prove to myself that the old man was really gone. And he is! He's dead. Yeah!" Klaus clapped his hands and cheered.

Allison rolled her eyes. "You know how I know? Because if he were alive, not one of us would be allowed to set foot in this room. He was always in here our whole childhood, plotting his next torment, right?" Klaus sat in the executive chair and propped his feet up on his father's desk.

"What were you looking for?" Allison asked Klaus.

Klaus went silent for a moment. "Something sentimental." He shrugged.

"Get out of his chair." Another voice erupted into the room. Luther.

"Oh, wow, Luther! Wow, you really, uh... filled out over the years, huh?" Klaus noted.

"Klaus." Luther growled.

"Save the lecture. I was already leaving." Klaus held up a finger to stop his brother from speaking.

"Who are you?" Luther eyed Luca suspiciously.

"Luca Max." Luca introduced, shooting Luther a curt nod. Klaus wandered out of the room and Luca followed.

As the two walked down the hallway, Klaus pulled out a box from his coat. It was gold plated and very shiny. "What is that?" Luca whispered.

"I don't know. Hopefully something good." Klaus snickered as they walked away from the office.

* * *

While everyone was simply hanging out around the house, there was a sudden blue light exploding outside. Everyone rushed to the courtyard to what the blue light and thunderous noises were. "It looks like some sort of temporal anomaly. Either that or a miniature black hole. One of the two." Luther announced as they all stared at the enticing blue light.

"Pretty big difference there, Paul Bunyan." Diego shouted over the thunder claps.

Klaus hurried outside with a fire extinguisher. "Out of the way!" He shouted then began to relentlessly spray the blue light, then threw the whole extinguisher through the blue light.

It seemed to be some sort of transportation medium in Luca's eyes. "What is that gonna do?!" Allison shouted at Klaus.

"I don't know. Do you have a better idea?" Klaus huffed. Suddenly, the face of an old man appeared in the blueness. The old man face transformed into a young man's face and the young boy seemed to fall through the blue light before it closed behind him. The boy slowly rose to his feet, feeling the effect of falling about fifteen feet from the sky.

"Does anyone else see little Number Five, or is that just me?" Klaus commentated as everyone stared at the boy.

"Shit." The boy, supposedly Number Five, cursed as he looked down upon his body.

* * *

Luca was excluded from family affairs, especially since they didn't know he was one of them, so, the meeting between Five and the rest of the living Hargreeves occurred without Luca's knowledge. Nevertheless, Klaus filled him in later. Five seemed to have time travelled and got stuck somewhere for decades before he managed to time travel back.

Later, Reginald's ashes were quickly spread but it was raining so the funeral was short lived.

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