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More news rolled into the Hargreeves household, apparently their robotic mother, Grace, had slain their father, Reginald Hargreeves

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More news rolled into the Hargreeves household, apparently their robotic mother, Grace, had slain their father, Reginald Hargreeves. New disputes arose about whether their should turn her off or not. Klaus didn't really care, the family never showed him empathy. They all only saw him as a crackhead that should never get a say in any serious moment. They undermined him and his powers. Simply because he suppressed his powers. Only recently had he let them flourish, and he was suffering— but he pretended that they ghosts screaming at him 24/7 didn't exist. He would tell Luca "I must've lost it because I hadn't used them in so long," but Luca knew he was lying. And Luca knew he'd eventually crack, one could only pretend for so long.

* * *

Klaus was in the bath while Luca was brushing his teeth at the sink. Klaus suddenly submerged under the water, his head completely covered by the water. Luca paid no mind to it until a minute passed and Klaus' head didn't come up for a breath. Luca put down his brush and scurried over to the bath. He leaned his head over and called Klaus' name about two times before he finally plunged his hand to grab his arm and yanked him out of the water. Klaus gasped for air and pushed his dripping hair out of his face, slicking it back in a perfect style. "Are you trying to kill yourself?!" Luca fretted over Klaus, kneeling to become eye level with him.

Klaus slowly looked up, his eyeliner smudged around his eyes in a grungy way, and made eye contact with Luca. He breathed heavily, shaking a bit from holding his breath too long. Luca knew he was trying to tune out the ghosts, but Klaus wouldn't admit it. Klaus simply gulped and nodded at Luca and got up out of the bath with a towel wrapped around his waist. Klaus grabbed some Walkman he had nearby in the bathroom and began blasting music into his ears. Luca watched him as he left the restroom, his eyes closed as he tried to focus on enjoying the music.

When Luca finished up in the bathroom, he heard shooting coming from the nearby halls. Luca quickly found cover, suddenly frightened at the aggressive noises. He knew there must've been an intruder... no two intruders as he began to head two rounds of bullets firing. Luca jumped through space, using his powers into the hall and quickly ran toward the noise. He heard some grunts and the clinging of knives being thrown... Diego, Luca assumed one of Klaus' brothers was fighting the intruders.

When Luca confronted the situation, the gunners and Diego were in the grand room on the main floor of the home. Luca locked eyes with two gunmen, a woman and a man in obscure and seemingly impractical metal masks of animals. The gunmen pointed their guns at Luca, but he jumped through space quick enough to miss the bullets aimed in the direction of his previous location before he teleported. Luca teleported behind one of the couches in the grand room, and jumped up in fright when he saw Diego sitting next to him. Diego almost let out a shriek when he saw Luca magically appear next to him, he, as with most of the other siblings, didn't know Luca had powers. "How the hell—"

"Long story. How 'bout I tell you later?" Luca borderline sounded exactly like Klaus with his sarcastic statement. But, Diego accepted it as he needed the help in that very moment.

The intruders continued to shoot at the couch until they seemed to be attacked from behind. Luca peeked over the couch to see Allison and Luther kicking the gunmen's asses. Allison was quickly found in a weakened position and one of the opponents grabbed her by the throat. Diego charged at the intruder, kicking and punching as hard as he could— but it had no effect. Luca stood up and waved his hand to move things via telekinesis. Random glass decor flung at the intruder's head— the one that had Allison by the throat— and shattered upon impact, slicing up his face. The intruder let go to clutch his bleeding face, allowing Allison to be free. Luca, again, waved his hand and sent both of the intruders flying down the hall. They moaned in pain upon impact with the floor.

"Who the hell are these guys?!" Allison asked frantically.

Before anyone could answer, the gunmen got up again and began shooting at Luther, Allison, Luca and Diego all over again. "Can you do that thing again?!" Luther shouted at Luca. Luca nodded and quickly launched the two enemies across the house again, but it was no use, they'd just get back up and go again.

"Just, run!" Luca shouted at everyone and they all bolted down the hall. But.. they all screeched to a stop when they heard Vanya's soft voice echoing. "Hello? Guys, if everyone okay?"

"We have to go back." Luther whisper-yelled at the group and everyone turned back around to run back to the grand room.

"Hey asshole," Luther distracted the one enemy left behind as he knocked Vanya to the ground, and the other took their places elsewhere.

The enemy came after Luther with a new weapon, a swinging spiked ball. But, Luther effortlessly yanked it away from his hands. Allison and Diego were still be chased by the other gunman down the hall, distracting that one as Luca helped Vanya to safety out of the grand room. "Come on." Luca led the girl out of harms way, keeping her safe until the two intruders left the house.

Luca re-emerged from Vanya's hiding spot he gave her and returned to the main entryway, where a surprise was waiting for him. Luther was standing, humiliated, before Allison and Diego. His body resembled a gorilla's and he was enormous. Luca simply thought the man took too many steroids for the physique aspect of his strength, but that man had a whole condition. Vanya came out and saw the shocking scene. Everyone was dead silent, until Luca broke the deadly silence. "Damn, that explains so much." He whispered, inappropriately. Consequently, he gained dirty looks from Luther himself and Allison.

Luther embarrassedly hurried up the stairs to go quickly find a shirt to put on. His shirt must've ripped off in combat, exposing him. "Did you know?" Vanya asked Allison.

Allison sucked in a breath. "No."

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