13 | grace

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13 | GRACE

"I'm sorry

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"I'm sorry. Am I the only one that's skeptical here? I mean, how exactly do you know all of this about what's his name?" Allison spoke up.

" Harold Jenkins. You know those lunatics in masks who attacked the house?" Five inquired.

"Oh yeah, I think I remember those guys." For Klaus, it had been over a year since he last saw that torturous pair.

"Yeah," Diego sarcastically smiled, "the ones that attacked us while you were crying in the bath."

"Yeah. Them. They were sent by the Temps Commission to stop me from coming back and preventing the end of life on earth." Five sighed.

"The Temps what?" Allison furrowed her brows.

"My former employer. They monitor all of time and space to make sure that whatever supposed to happen... happens. They believe the apocalypse is coming in three days. So I went to commission headquarters and intercepted a message that was meant for said lunatics. It said protect Harold Jenkins. So he must be responsible for the apocalypse." Five explained.

Everyone went quiet... then they all spoke at once.

"What do you mean, protect time and space?"
"Where is this Hazel, Five?"
"I'm going after Hazel and Cha Cha."
"Do you have any idea how insane this sounds?"

"You know what else is insane? I look like a 13-year-old boy. Klaus talks to the dead, and Luther thinks he's fooling everybody with that overcoat. Everything about us is insane, it has always been." Five shouted back at everyone, well in particular... Luther, Diego and Allison who were the only three shouting at him.

"He's got a point there." Klaus mentioned.

"We didn't choose this life, we're just living it. For the next three days, anyway." Five told.

"But the last time we tried to stop it, we all died. Why is this time any different? why should I go home to my daughter?" Allison questioned, she was certainly the most skeptical out of everyone in the room.

" because this time, I am here. We have the name of the man responsible. Guys, we actually have the chance of saving the lives of billions of people. Including Claire." Five mentioned Allison's daughter.

"You know her name?" Allison was genuinely surprised.

" I do, and I'd like to live long enough to meet her." He pressed his lips into a thin line, quite serious about wanting to reconcile with his family once the apocalypse was stopped.

"All right, lets get this bastard." Allison nodded.

"You had me at Gerald Jenkins." Diego told.

"Harold," Five was getting quite annoyed, "Jenkins."

"Whatever. I've already lost two people this week, I'm not losing anyone else." Diego told.

"Yeah, you guys go. I'm going to stay and go through dad's files. I still think this has something to do with why he sent me to the moon." Luther informed Five.

Luca rolled his eyes. " seriously? Now you want to make the end of the world about you and dad?"

"No. He told me to watch for threats. Do you think that's a coincidence? This all has to be connected somehow." Luther insisted.

"No, we should all stick together." Allison suggested to Luther.

"We don't have time for this!" Five shouted at everyone.

"Let's roll. I know where we can find this asshole. Luca, you're with me." Diego instructed. Luca obeyed, but before leaving with Diego, he turned to Klaus.

"You're gonna stay?" Luca asked.

"Yeah, I'm feeling a little under the weather." Klaus nodded.

"Then I'm sticking with you." Luca didn't want to leave Klaus. He was still shaken up from the time travel fiasco.

* * *

Despite having stayed to keep Klaus company, writhing the next couple of hours, Klaus disappeared from the house. Both Luther and Klaus were gone from the large house. The only person leaving Luca to talk to was their robotic mom, who Pogo had fixed and rebooted. She was walking around and taking care of the house's business by cleaning and organizing. "Luca!" She called once she spotted him.

Luca approached her and smiled. "Hello, Miss Grace." Luca greeted.

"So, when are you and Klaus gonna get married? I only ever got to experience Allison's wedding, and, well, we know how that went about." She smiled so perfectly.

Luca's face flushed. "Sorry, did I embarrass you?" Her face scrunched up into a confused look.

"No, no, no. I just, didn't think about that now." Luca explained.

"Well, you should. My Klaus is such an amazing boy. He deserved someone like you. And I'd love to plan another wedding for my children." She smiled at Luca, proudly.

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