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 October 1st, 1989

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October 1st, 1989.
A petite, single, young, poor French woman was scribbling in her diary when she suddenly felt her skirt her drenched with some kind of water. She looked down to she the mess she seemed to have made and she hurried to the restroom to grab cleaning supplies to clean it up before her mother came home. But, when she jumped to her feet, she felt a sharp pain erect from her abdomen. They felt like contractions. Painful and unbearable contractions. She lifted her skirt and peeled down at her stomach. She gasped at the sight. Her stomach was now huge. As if she was pregnant for, at least, nine months.

The sight was horrifying. She was only nineteen her body had barely reached the age where it could comfortably hold a child. Nevertheless, that was the least of her worries, she hadn't known she was pregnant. She was a skinny girl and all of her peers envied her flat stomach— she would have known if she had been pregnant all of those months. This was a work of magic. A work of God in her eyes. She told herself that some greater being had gotten her pregnant for a purpose greater than her— and she was scared.

"Papa!" She screamed for her father as she felt the child begin to tear through her uterus.

Her father rushed into the room and nearly fainted at the sight of his daughter pregnant and in labor. But, she pulled himself together and hurried her to the bathroom so that she could give birth. There was no time to call for a midwife, his child was about to have a child in that very second. So, he used what little knowledge he had of delivering a baby and helped his daughter through it.

* * *

The young girl stared down lovingly at her golden haired child. His eyes were a piercing blue like her own and his chubby cheeks drooped past his chin. She didn't know what she was going to do with a child with so little money. But, her family was quite conservative and would never allow her to just give the child away. Nevertheless, she had suddenly gotten attached to the baby. And in the next few days, she grew even closer to her child.

One day, only four days after she gave birth, an older man, by the name of Reginald Hargreeves, knocked on the young French woman's door. He introduced himself and proposed that he adopt the child from her since it was an unexpected delivery. His fancy words describing his wealthy lifestyle that the child would also have was very alluring to the French girl, but, when she took one glance at her child, in which she had named Luca, she knew that child was hers and did not belong with any other person in the world. "My baby." The girl hissed at the man with what little English she knew and she pressed Luca, protectively, to her chest.

Reginald could see the fiery stare the young woman had and knew that she was not going to let that child go. Especially since he was a spitting image of her with his thick golden hair and bright blue eyes and olive skin. Reginald sighed and bowed his head at the young woman. "Thank you for your time, Miss." He spoke then left her be.

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