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The next morning, Luca couldn't find Klaus

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The next morning, Luca couldn't find Klaus. He was absolutely no where to be found. It was extremely stressing to Luca due to the fact that if Klaus were left alone, he could relapse. And the last thing Luca wanted for Klaus was for him to return to his drug addiction. He wanted Klaus to feel free and in control of his life, at all times. He wanted to build a family with Klaus, but they could only do so if Klaus was healthy in every aspect of his life.

Luca knew immediately he couldn't just wait around and hope Klaus would turn back up to the Hargreeves home, so he went out looking for himself. Fortunately, Klaus had shared his location on his phone with Luca. And when Luca looked where the last place his phone detected he was, he seemed to be at a motel.

Without hesitation, Luca drove to the motel and went to the check in desk. "How can I help you?" A bored attendant asked in a plain voice.

"I'm looking for someone—" Luca began, but was rudely interrupted by the attendant.

"Aren't we all?" The attendant scoffed, shrugging Luca off.

Luca was beginning to get pissed off, and he was never the type to be angry at strangers. "He's tall, skinny, green eyes. Might have checked in by the name of Klaus." Luca described Klaus.

The attendant shrugged, and this time added an obnoxious yawn. "Lots of people check in. I don't particularly care to see who."

"Do you mind if I look around?" Luca asked, keeping his cool so that he wouldn't scream at the attendant.

"I don't care." He scoffed, as if that Luca's question was absurd and unnecessary.

* * *

Luca wandered around the motel, stopping at each door to try and listen in. He heard a lot of nothing. People were likely sleeping that time of night and weren't making much noise unless they snored. Luca returned to his car, feeling quite defeated and nervous about the entire situation. "Why would his phone be here?" Luca couldn't comprehend why Klaus would go to such a rundown motel on his own, and Luca truly feared it was because he was hiding his drug addiction there. But, many details of the story Luca was making up in his head didn't line up. If Klaus were truly relapsing, he would've been disappearing more often. This was the first time Klaus had done something like that in a long time; this indicated to Luca that it may not have been the drugs.

Yet, all of the theories Luca was constructing in his mind was not helpful at all. Regardless, he still couldn't find Klaus anywhere at the motel unless he was willing to get a felony for breaking into every room of that motel.

Just as Luca was deciding to leave, by the grace of god herself, a sign fell before Luca. He saw a man and a woman, tossing huge metal masks— just like the ones the intruders from the day before— into their car. Luca sat up straight and peered at the bickering pair. They seemed to be arguing about nonsense, but it was enough to spark Luca's attention. He knew at that very instant that they must've had something to do with Klaus' disappearance. Everything lined up. Klaus' location led there and the pair was just coincidentally staying at that very motel, too? Also, Klaus disappeared right after the two intruders fled the Hargreeves Mansion— meaning they likely stole Klaus away on their way out while he was isolated from the rest.

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