Staring Problem {Ruby M.}

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Ruby's eyes scans the hallway looking for your signature (h/c) hair. When he finally sees you he feels heat rise to his cheeks. "Ruby are you even listening? Or are you two busy drooling over Y/N?" Monse pushes his should lightly.

"I wasn't even drooling, I was just looking." Ruby shuts his locker for crossing his arms. Cesar readjusts his his grip on Monse hands, "you should go for her. You two would be good together."

It's was apparent to anyone who was close to Ruby that he had a massive crush on Y/n ever since the (e/c) eyes and (h/c) haired girl talk to him he couldn't get her off his mind. Unfortunately for Ruby, he couldn't even get a full scentence out in front of the girl.

Ruby glances back across the hall only to see you were gone, he sighs about to put his attention back on his friends when he see your hair once again, but this time you were approaching him. He feels his heart rate increase as his entire body tenses trying his best to look collected.

"Hey Ruben do you think we can talk for a bit?" You smile fiddling with your hands. He nods following you a few meters away from his friends into a empty classroom. "This is kinda embarrassing-" you rub the back of your arm, "-but I'm kinda struggling in Chemistry and I wanted to know if you'd be my lab partner." Ruby smiles, "sure. I'd be your lab partner, only because I'm smart."
His eyes widen, "I-I mean because I'd love to work with you! I- I mean-" "Ruben it's fine." You say, "thanks. I really appreciate you helping me." A blush creeps into his face. You give his arm a slight squeeze leaving the classroom.

"What happened?" Jamal excitedly asks when Ruby returns to his friends. "She asked me to be her lab partner." Ruby says smugly. "Seriously dude," Cesar states dramatically, "we're supposed to be partners." "Sorry, I'm just tired of carrying you in that class. Hopefully you can understand."

Chemistry finally rolls around Ruby was more nervous than ever, he enters the classroom walking towards the lab table where you were seated. "Hey," You smile giving him a small wave. He gives you a smile, "H-Hey." Ruby sits next to you, he could feel his hands getting clammy his nostrils filled with your perfume that you wore.

You grab your googles sighing, "I hate wearing these stupid google, I look so stupid." You mumble. Ruby looks at you his eyebrows raised, "I personally think they bring out your beautiful(e/c) eyes, but you're already beautiful."

Now it was your time to blush, "thank you Ruby, but you didn't have to say that to spare my feelings." "I wasn't." He says truthfully, "to be honest, I really like you- I mean! I really like your (h/l) hair. It suits your face really well." You place your hand on top of Ruby's, "Ruby I really like you two."
You press a kiss to his cheek lightly before hoping of the stool, "I'll be back l, I'm gonna grab us an apron." Ruby lets out a sigh of relief, resting his head on the wall.

"You really suck at this" Cesar pipes. "Like really bad."

Ruby rolls his eyes, "whatever, she likes me back."

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