Altercations {Cesar D.}

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"I need you in my life, Y/N" Cesar says desperately, "I think about you all the time even when I should be thinking about Olivia."

"Cesar..." You breathe"I.... I need you in my life too."

You step closer to your friend, being able to see all his emotions the way he felt in his heart.

The way you made him feel.

"But." You say, "You're wi-"

"With Olivia. I know."

He steps away from your frame, he face softened from disappointment all contact against your body was gone.

"I'm sorry Cesar... I can't cheat... I couldn't live with that."

Tears formed in your eyes as you hugged your arms closer to your (body/shape) body.

"I hope we can still be friends,"

You turn away from Cesar to walk across the street but immediately stop when a green car stops right in front of you two.

"Tell your bitch to watch where she's going."

Latrelle, he used to be apart of your circle but after he joined his gang and Cesar joined his everything fell off.

"I'm no ones bitch." You say.

Latrelle ignores your comment, "You think your all big and bad now that your a Santos"

"Your on the wrong part of town I have gente (people) everywhere."

Cesar grabs your arm pulling you closer to him, "Will kill your full culo(ass)."

Latrelle shuffles pulling out a gun aiming at you two, "I could kill your ass right now and your bitch-" He waves the gun around his finger on the trigger.

"You ain't gon' do shit!" He finishes.

Cesar shoves you behind him, "If you kill me you won't even make it back to your house before the blast your ass."

"Just go back to your side of town puta (bitch)"

"Fuck you man." Latrelle sticks his head back into the car as it drove off.

You let out the breath you didn't even know you were holding you lightly grabbed into Cesars wrist turning him to look at you.

"If Oscar finds out about this..." He says

"He won't Cesar. I promise." You grabbed his face turning his face to look at you.

"As long as your with me I'll be okay. " He mumbled.

You gave him a small smile kissing his cheek.

"I won't leave you Cesar. Ever."

Part 1/2

Part 2: The Quinceanera Posting July 15

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