Dating Latrelle

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Before The Shooting:

Telling him to stop robbing people for Money

Before you join the Prophet$, Latrelle protected you from the Santos

Having movie nights

Him being your first time

People not knowing how soft he his for you

After The Shooting:

You being apart of the Prophet$ for protection

Having each other's back when he comes back to Freeridge since there's a target on his back (Cesar)

Knowing eachother for as long as you could remember

You trying to convince him (and failing) not to try to kill Cesar again

You being the first person he goes to after the shooting

You being former friends with the Squad but then not trusting you when you get with Latrelle

Cesar coming to your house to kill Latrelle

When the Prophet$ get raided you being the only one not caught

Trying your best to help him out of jail for the marked money.

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