A Planed Breakup (Ruby M.) ft. Olivia

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REQUESTED: "Olivia has feelings for Ruby so she tries to break them up until one day it actually works so Ruby explains by doing some spicy times with her and she forgives him and then yah"

REQUESTED: "Olivia has feelings for Ruby so she tries to break them up until one day it actually works so Ruby explains by doing some spicy times with her and she forgives him and then yah"

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I changed the request a bit but the end... gets a lil spicy ;) but it's just a small make out sesh

I didn't edit this so sorry for typos!

"I don't this will work out," you mumble facing the other way, "this is the sixth time in a row Ruby, six times!"

Ruby's face falls sticking his hands in his lap, crossing your arms you stare at him. "Do you have nothing to say?"

Ruby once again stays silent.

You sigh, "I don't think your ready for a relationship," You zip down the jacket throwing it on the couch. "Bye Ruby, maybe you'll be up for some more talking tomorrow."

Ruby watches you exit his house never looking back at him, a sighs leaves his lips picking up his phone.

He could've swore he had a reminder set for the date.

"Ruby are you okay?"

Looking up, Ruby sees Olivia sitting next to him, a smile on her pink lips. Her perfect manicured hands rests on his shoulder.

"No." He says, "Y/N broke up with me."

"I'm my god that's horrible!"

"I know it's all my fault." He says the familiar feeling of sadness rushing over him, "I kept missing our dates and she finally had enough."

Tears build up in Ruby's eyes and he turned his head away from her, "She doesn't think I'm ready for a relationship."

Ruby felt a warm hand touch his cheek bringing his face to look at them, "Don't let her lie to you, you are ready- I think she's the one who isn't ready."

"Relationships means sacrifice," Olivia says, "she's being selfish if she can't see that. So what if you missed six dates? Your relationship should be stronger than just that."

Ruby wipes his cheeks, "I-I guess your right. But how do I get her back?"

Olivia freezes removing her hands from his face, "you want to her back with her?"

"Y-Yeah... I love Y/N and I don't want to let her go that easily." Ruby's says standing up grabbing his jacket you discarded as you left. "Relationships take sacrifice- just like you said-"

"That's what I said but sometimes the sacrifice is letting them go!" She exclaims standing up. "Ruby I like you- a lot- and Y/N clearly doesn't care about you."

"I'm flattered," Ruby says heading towards the door, "but I'm over you now."

You sat quietly on your bed staring aimlessly at the t.v, why did you let him go?

A sigh left your lips replaying the scene in your head once again. How could you overact so much? You love this boy.

After enough thinking and clearing your head you made your finally decision. You had to get him back, you pick up your shoes throwing them back on before climbing out of your window.

'Ruby I'm sorry I let you go can we... no that sounds stupid'

'Ruby I still love you a lot and I didn't mean what I said.'

Scenarios filled your head on what you should say when you walk in his house, god you felt desperate, how would people look at you if they saw you now?


A voice draws you out of your thoughts and there he was, Ruby, standing in front of your neighbors house, his eyes looked red and puffy.

'He cried.. because of ME?!'

"Hey Ruby, w-what are you doing here?" You awkwardly say.

"I was coming over to get back with you," he confesses, "I'm sorry I missed our dates but I want our relationship to be stronger than that. A few dates shouldn't mean anything."

He steps closer to you, "Y/N I know I hurt you and I wanna learn from my mistakes, but I don't want to loose you."

Ruby again takes another step, making him a arms length away, "I love you Y/N. I'm not ready to loose you, not now not ever," (that's a reference 😉)

You take a steps towards him placing your hands on his cheeks, "thank you so much for doing all the taking, I had no idea how I would explain all this."

"I love you too Ruby,"

A smile graced your lips as a wash of relief his body, Ruby puts his hand on your waist pulling you into a kiss. You let your hands slide down from his face down to his neck pulling him closer to you.

Ruby pulls away momentarily for air but reconnects your lips together letting one hand slide down to your bum ;).

You laugh at his actions pulling away, "maybe we should go back inside."

He nods pulling you towards your house, "Your right,"

Once inside he pushes you down on your bed climbing on top of you pressing his lips down back on yours, you closed your eyes enjoying the sweet moment.

When you two pull away you connect your lips to his neck kissing it gently. You listened to Ruby's unstable breathing.

"Also on my way over here," Ruby says messing with your hair, "I saw Jamal and he told me he saw Olivia deleting my reminders out of my phone."

You pull away quickly, "Wow great time to ruin the moment."

"Sorry, if I didn't tell you now I would've forgotten"

You roll your eyes pushing him off you, "I never did like her but I thought I was being a bitch, but she was trying to break us up."

"She did confess her feelings for me on my way over here but I told her I was over her."

"Good" you say smiling, "now where were we?"

Sorry this took a while to get out, I'm gonna start writing the next request on my list and TRY to have it out by the end of today, tomorrow, or Tuesday.

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