Contract Of Alliance {Oscar D.}

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A/N: You, the reader have a nickname in this One-Shot so If someone ever says "Poison" That's you!

Sorry If It Doesn't Full Follow The Requests :(

G/N: Gang Name

"Oh shit it's G/N, strip your colors,"    Ruby quickly removes his black hoodie tying it around his waist

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"Oh shit it's G/N, strip your colors,"    Ruby quickly removes his black hoodie tying it around his waist.

"Hey there Lil Spooky, Where's your big brother," The infamous girl from the south-side of Freeridge approached the young group.

Her (h/l) messy (hair type) hair blew in the wind as she stared down at them.

"That's none of your business Poison, what are you doing on the wrong side of town?" Cesar say confidently pulling Monse behind him.

"I'm not here for trouble," She says smiling, "Besides your brother and I have some-.... unfinished business."

The girl plays with a lock of her hair. (unless it's short like mine ;) ) Cesar rolls his eyes at the girl, "Like I fall for one of your tricks, c'mon guys let's go."

You (Poison) watched the squad walk off, them making small, scared glances your way.

"What do we do now, Y/N?" Asked you smaller sibling, S/N (Sibling name)

"Listen S/N, I don't like to yell at you but I don't go by the name Y/N anymore you know that." You say calmly setting your hand on your hip.

"Sorry" they mumble stepping into  back of the group.

"Anyways," You say pulling a devilish smile on your lips, "you guys scope out the area, keep close. You know the plan."

A few murmurs of agreement come from your group as you part ways from them.

You tighten the leather jacket around your waist with your gang symbol printed on the back (Riverdale Fans Know What I'm Talking About) walking down the sidewalk.

Now you just had to find their hang out.

It's not like your on this side of Freeridge often, your jackets prevented you from getting in, even if you did make it past some Santos,  you wouldn't get far.

"Aye yo Poison!"

Quickly you turn your head looking at the owner of the voice, one of Spooky's close men.

"I'm lookin' for ya' boss, have ya' seen 'em" You call over to him.

You see him stick his head in a car for a few moments before looking back at you.

"Your on the wrong side of town lookin' for trouble girl," he warns, "the boss ain't got no business with you, get back over to yo' side."

You roll your eyes at the man as he approaches closer to you clearly trying to indicate he had a firearm on him.

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