Claimed? (Oscar D. & Cesar D.)

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REQUESTED: "Oscar goes to claim the girl but Cesar gets jealous and he claims her."

Y/L L/N would call herself a pretty confident person, she wouldn't take shit from no one and wouldn't let anyone walk over friends.

But it was different when it came to her neighbors, Oscar and Cesar Diaz. Cesar was nice and they were close friends but everyone is scared of Spooky.

Yet when Cesar forced into the SantosY/N and her friends would do anything to get him out. Even if that meant talking to Oscar.

And here she is , face to face with the madman himself.

"I see what you mean," he says, "Cesar has a lot of potential and the gang could give him some real life shit."

"I don't think-"

"Enough talking about Cesar" Oscar interrupts his hand reaching up to Y/N's face. "What about you?"

Shakily she breaths clenching on her shirt tighter. "W-What about m-me."

"Your a real fine hyna." He says.

"Oscar leave my friend alone," Another person approaches and Y/N felt her shoulders loosen to see Cesar.

Cesar grabs your wrist lightly pulling you up to stand, "ella no es tuya para reclamar (she isn't yours to claim)"

Oscar looks his older brother up and down, "entonces tienes dos perras ahora (so you have two bitches now)"

"Monse no es mío, Y/N es (Monse isn't mine, Y/N is." Cesar replies, "Come on Y/N let's go."

Cesar pulls you away not giving you any chance to protest or talk. "Wait! I wasn't finished talking." She says trying to stop.

"It's fine, Y/N really. I'll survive." He snaps,

"What your problem?"

"Your my problem!" He yells "Oscar wants to claim you and I don't want that."

"What? Why! He's way too old for me." You exclaim crossing your arms.

"I don't know Y/N." Cesar mumbled

"Wait..." You say, "Are you Jealous?"

A smirk is placed in your lips placing one of your hands on your hip. "No! I'm not jealous."

"Mhm sure Cesar."

You walk closer to him placing a small kiss on his lips, "no need to be jealous. By the way I understand Spanish and I didn't know you claimed me."

You walk off leaving Cesar stunned.

A/N: Updates will be a little slower because School for me starts soon. School sucks and takes up to much of out time.

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