Spicy Times With Ruby M.

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Spicy Times With Ruby Includes:

-Since both of you are virgins you guys  were just experimenting.

-You didn't know what you liked and neither did he

-You two would try various positions like Missionary, Doggy-style, and Cowgirl. (Forgive me lord I have sinned)

-But at the end of the day you two stuck with Missionary.

-You guys would share lots of kisses resting your heads on each others shoulders.

-He would leave kisses on your face, chest and shoulders.

-Your Guys sex drive is pretty high but with him having siblings and you having (# of siblings) it couldn't happen all the time.

-Unless you have no siblings then ;)

-When you guys are in the moment it takes a while before you actually going at it because he's always asking if everything is okay.

-"C-Can I sit my hand here?"
"Yes Ruby."

-Both of you are lowkey loud

-I mean it's a feeling you guys never felt before.

-But it was all fun and games till his mom walked in.

-But that's another story ;)

I will try to update a Cesar Imagine today. If not, it will be up tomorrow.

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