You'll Look Good Together {Cesar D.}

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It has been about four weeks since you and Cesar confessed your feelings for each other and became a couple.

It's been about two weeks since your best friend, Ruby found out about you two the hard way.

You and Cesar didn't want to tell the squad about your relationship till the drama with Olivia died down.

When Ruby had found you two making quick glances or small touches he investigated and found you guys kissing.

You two begged him not to tell anyone.

Luckily Ruby was easy to convince and kept in on your secret.

"Okay marry, make love, kill, [Y/N], Monse, Jasmin." Jamal said readjusting his eyepatch.

"Definitely marry [Y/N]." Cesar spoke grinning your way.

Monse rolls her eyes siting back in her seat crossing her arms.

"I can totally see you two married." Jamal says, "You guys would look good together."

"Jamal damn we get it, they would be the 'it' couple of Freeridge. How many times are you gonna shove it down our throat?"

Monse gets up in a huff jogging off to Olivia's room.

"Jeez what's her problem?"


It's been two hours since Monse's outburst and you and Cesar decided to lay low for a while to let, to let- Cesar would call her- "Honey Badger" cool off.

"Maybe she liked you, that's why she acted like that." You said wrapping your hands around his neck.

"Does that really matter right now? Let's just focus on us."

Cesar turns around pushing you down on your bed him on top of you.

"I love you, you know that right." You say.

"I know. I love you too."

Cesar presses a kiss on to your (s/c) lips holding his weight up with his right arm holding your face with the left.

He pulled away momentarily for air before crashing his lips against yours once again. He let you roll on top of him his hands gripping your waist you let your hands travel up his chest into his hair, you slowly kissed down his jawline, down his neck.

"Hey (Y/N), I'm sorry for the way I acted-"

You quickly jumped off Cesar pushing him on the floor.

"Monse?! I didn't know you were still here."

"No I wanted to apologise before I left." Monse crosses her arms, "are you two..?"

"Yes we are together, I'm sorry we should've told you sooner."

Monse let's out a heavy breath, "It's whatever, yeah I liked him but you guys are together."

Monse leaves quietly not looking at Cesar once since she interrupted.

"Well now it's not a secret anymore..."

The next day you and Cesar walk hand and hand to Ruby's house. It was time to let out this well kept secret to the squad.

"Are you ready, Mi Amor?" (Should say 'My love' but I only speak English;3)

You nod opening the door seeing the rest of your friends inside.

"Guys," you say, "I have something to tell you."

They all look at each others besides Ruby and Monse.

"Me and Cesar have been dating and have been for about a month."

Jamal and Olivia jump up surrounding you and your boyfriend.

"I ship it so much."

"I knew you were dating!"

Soon Ruby joins in with his friend acting shocked as well.

"You guys are my family." Monse says loudly.

You all stare at her, you were scared she wouldn't accept it and she would blame you for breaking up the group.

"Family sticks together no matter what."

She stands up joining the rest of you.

"If you guys are happy I am." She smiles as you pulled her into a hug that she gladly accepts.

"Group Hug!" Jamal yells before the rest of your friends pile on you two.

You loved them and wouldn't replace them for the world.

Sorry if this is bad, it three am and I didn't edit this. Hopefully it meets up the the requested standards :)

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