Cesar Dating Rival Gang Reader Would Include:

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•When you and Cesar met, neither of you knew about each other's gang.
•You two went on with regular teenage flirting
•Going in dates, making out in closets usual stuff.
•The more and more you hang out with his friends you notice how many time they brought up The Santos.
•Generally you kept your comments to yourself. They didn't need to know about your "business"
•But when Ruby asked you to help stop Cesar from joining  The Santos, you choked on your juice.
•You were dating someone from The Santos?!
•Tried to keep it to yourself for a while but it ended up slipping durning an Argument.
•"I cant believe me; (gang_name) is daring a Santos.
•You and Cesar never broke up after that but was distant for a while.
•About a week and a half later you went to his house.
•"I still really like you," you breath out.
•Cesar says nothing kissing you deeply pulling you in the house.
•You woke up that morning in Cesar's arms.
•You two kept your rivalry in the down-low in front of friends.
•And kept your relationship on the down-low in front of the gang(s).
•You two being a power couple (whenever you could)
You always subtly bringing up running away together
You both deciding to leave your gang.
•You getting to do so, but when you go to see Cesar he was gone.
•Turns out his friend was in the hospital due to being shot at, a party which you were invited to but declined.
•You asked his friends where he was but they said one thing.
•"He had to escape, he was trapped because of his brother."
•It about two months till Cesar came back to you again.
•He begged you to run with him. But would be okay if you said no.
•You glanced at your empty suitcase pondering the answer.
•Should you?

A/N: Open ending because you decide! Also any of you watched Charmed on the CW? I've seen the OG one but I kinda like this on and kinda want to write imagines for it. 🤷‍♀️ If you'd like that let me know.

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