Dating Oscar Diaz Would Include

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Slight Spoilers For Season 2

• Him being EXTREMELY protective of you.

• Not a big fan of PDA in front of The Santos

•Cooking For You

•Keeping you away from the Prophet$ even after the Truce.

•Letting his little brother crash at your house with him knowing

•When he finds out he appreciates that you did that even if he doesn't show it.

•Great Sex (I mean come on it's Spooky)

•Helping him set up the plan to help Cesar

•Asking him to give Jamal back the RollerWorld money. Which he refuses.

• Long Kisses

•Not the type to admit he can't sleep without you.

•You getting pissed at him for how he treated his brother after the incident

He would kill anyone who tries to hurt you.

•You and Cesar being the only people he cares about.

•The Santos having respect for you.

•Matching Tattoos

•Not being part of the gang but knowing what's going on in it.

•Being the most badass couple and (trying) to "save" people in Freeridge.

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