Dont Give Up. Not Yet.

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You watched Ruby give all his attention to Olivia once again, you quietly looked down at your food picking at the food.

The two laughed moving closer to each other.

Ever since you moved to Freeridge you had a liking towards Ruby but now it feels more like love.

But he liked Olivia and he never show you any intentions of turning that into anything else.

"Guys I know we had a movie night at my house but I have to cancel." Ruby says resting his hand on Olivia's.

"What? Why?" Cesar asks. "This is Y/and first movie night with us."

Ruby gives you a apologetic look before turning his head back to everyone. "Me and Olivia have a date!"

You felt ten thousand knives fly through your heart.

"That's great guys!" Jamal says. "Have fun."

You stand up grabbing your bag leaving the table. You couldn't stand seeing them together. Your precious, little Ruby in the hands of that monster.

Olivia might be a nice girl, but you hate her. She stole the love of your life.

Tears formed in your eyes as you entered a empty class room. You couldn't go back to your friends, as long as you see Ruby's happy face announcing his date, you didn't want any part of it.

There was a small knock at the door, you looked up seeing Cesar and Monse walk in a small smile on their face.

"I'm sorry Y/N." They both say.
"It's fine" You sniffle, "What's the point? I give up."


You sat in your room watching you favorite t.v show. It's was around six pm meaning Ruby and Olivia were enjoying their date.

'Olivia is such a lucky girl.' You thought.

You grabbed [Ice_Cream] stuffing a big scoop in mouth. If you don't wanna think about them you just have to eat yourself to happiness.

A small knock was on your door, "Who is it." You yell through the melting ice cream.


You immediately jump up swinging the door open. You look at him, his eyes were red and puffy his nice outfit looked disheveled and his fumbled with his hands.

You grab his shoulder pulling him in the room, "Are you okay? What happened!"

"Olivia-" he checked out, "She was using me- for Cesar."

You pull the boy in for a hug, he sobs into your pyjama shirt but you didn't care.

"Everyone I like." He says "He gets. It's not fair."

"I'm sorry Ruby. She's dumb if she doesn't see how great you are." You say,  "I'm sorry."

He looks at your face, "Will I loose you to him?"

You could feel your entire body freeze besides your heart. This isn't how you pictured this to go but it was perfect.

"No. Never. I won't give up on you Ruby."

He smiles at you, "I wouldn't give up on you either Y/N. Thank you for being here."

Everything falls silent you two just staring at the ground. You didn't know what to say, you cant just confess you feelings he is heartbroken.

"Hey Y/N?"

You look up at him when he pushes his lips against yours for a second before pulling away.

It was perfect enough for you, even if you didn't process what just happened. You wouldn't change it.

"Monse told me you liked me, I don't think I'm ready to commit yet but when I am will you still be here?"

You nod a smile on your face.

He smiles back pulling you in for another inexperienced kiss.

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