Late Night Talks {Oscar D.}

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The small light from the television dimly lit the room as you laid in the bed of your long term boyfriend Oscar Diaz, otherwise known as Spooky to others. You rub your (e/c) eyes readjusting to a sitting position as the bedroom door opens revealing your beloved boyfriend.

You gave him a small smile as he hands you a plate of (fav. Food) that he cooked. Oscar sits next to you as you both eat in a comfortable silence.

"Those kids showed up again," He starts, "this time with money - the RollerWorld money."

You glance up at him, "how'd they find it?"
Oscar shrugs, "they tried to buy Cesar back into the gang, but it doesn't work like that."

"Well they care for him," you stated. "Are you that surprised they wouldn't try that?"

Oscar sighs, "they just don't understand it wasn't my call to throw him out. It had to be done." You bring your hand up to his face, "I know baby, maybe one day they'll understand but now they're just kids."

Oscar relaxes in your touch, scooting closer to you. You lay your head on his shoulder as he wraps his arm around your waist.

It was rare for moments like these to happen, usually Oscar was dealing with the gang and you be doing your own thing. Tonight was different and it made you happy that Oscar made time for you.

You and Oscar first met when both of you was in high school and had been an on and off couple since. But your relationship has been stronger than ever in these last few months.

You let your fingers trace over the tattoo on his neck as you both quietly watched tv. A smile fell on your lip as you felt Oscars grip on you tighten.

"Thanks you," He murmurs.

You raise your eyebrows, "for what?"

"Letting Cesar stay at your house." Oscar looks down at you lightly caressing your face. You wrap your arm around his neck. "It's nothing. Ya' know I care for him."

Oscar kisses you lightly, you let our hand travel along his biceps as he keeps his arm on your waist. "I love you Spooky." You say.

"Te amo." He presses another kiss on your lips before pulling you down in a laying position. You rest your leg on his laying your head on his shoulder.

You were glad to be his.
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