Preference 2

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Under The Table

Cesar- This wasn't a normal table, you, Cesar and Oscar were at a burger joint and you were meeting Oscar for the first time. You and Cesar sat on the same side awkwardly staring at his brother while he ate his burger.
That's when you felt Cesar's hand creep up your leg to your inner thigh, you looked at him suspiciously and he just smiled at you. You shakily grabbed your drink bringing up to your lips, Oscar looked at you, "You good mija/mijo?"
You gave him a nod continuing to down your drink as Cesar stuck his hands down your pants.

Monse- It was your first time meeting Monse's dad and you were excited, he had cooked a gourmet pizza meal for dinner as he asked you multiple questions.
After about five minutes of answering his questions, you let your hand fall onto Monse's thigh. She looked at you wide eyed but you maintained eye contact with her father.
You quietly unbuttoned her jeans letting your hand rest on her bare thigh. "Stop!" She whispered at you.
You looked at her giving her a small wink "Do you really want me to?" You ask. Her voice got caught in her throat before shaking her head softly no.

Olivia- Since Olivia was currently staying at Ruby's house, you were meeting the entire family. They all sat around the table; even Jamal, Cesar, and Monse.
You sat next to Olivia talking to everyone else at the table, she sat quietly playing with your (h/l) hair and rubbing your back.
Her hand trailed down your arm, down the side of your body to the outline of your ass. Then she lightly rubbed your knee and thigh as you talked.

Jamal- You and Jamal sat at the table with your parents, them asking Jamal questions like "What are your intentions with my daughter/son?"
He answered politely but when your hand traveled from his knee to his thigh he move uncomfortably which was noticed by your parents. Him not being able to keep any secrets your parents eventually found out and sent you to your room marking Jamal leave.

Ruby- You finally though it was time for Ruby to meet your parents, so you invited him to your weekly game night. You guys were partners and your sisters were leaving your parents partners.
As the game went on, you and Ruby were in dead last since he didn't know how to play. Your hand trailed down his jeans onto his crotch lightly, his face glowed a bright red as he swallowed thickly.
He looked over at you and you just bit your lip and gave him a small wink.

Oscar- You were hanging out with Oscar and his gang as the counting the remaining of the money from their drug deal. All of them were laughing and having a good time as smoke filled the air.
That's when you "accidentally" dropped your hand down on Oscars lap. He glanced over at you giving you a warning glare.
You trailed your hand up higher and higher till Oscar roughly grabs your wrist pulling you up and dragging you to the nearest room.

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