Preference 3

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Who Are They Jealous Of? Why?

Cesar- Jamal. You and Jamal hang out a lot and sometimes when Cesar wants to chill with you you already had plans with Jamal. He would just give you a passionate kiss on the lips making you immediately stay.

Monse- Olivia already stole her first love and she wasn't having it again. Every time you and Olivia laugh at the same time she will quickly question what your laughing at and sit between you too.

Olivia- Olivia isn't really jealous of anyone, she has no reason to be. But you on the other hand, are very Jealous of Ruby. They hand out all the time and live together and that's a bunch of red flags to you. Not to mention he loves her.

Jamal- Ruby. Ruby is the one who introduced you to the group so when you two have a inside joke Jamal would awkwardly laugh too as you and Ruby stare awkwardly .

Ruby- Cesar. He believesCesar is better than him in every way. Height, Style, Sense Of Humour. Everything. So, you would remind Ruby that you care about Smarts more than how short he is which he really appreciates.

Oscar- Lol who would go near his girl? But anyways, maybe the gang? They are always making comments towards you but Oscar makes them shut up so no worries.

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