Preference 5

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Top or Bottom?
Warning: This chapter contains sexual content. You have been warned.

Cesar: As much as I want to say he's a top, I think he leans more to a bottom. He's in a gang so he's used to taking orders, in the bed or not.

Monse: Monse is a top, not doubt about it. She's basically a control freak so she definitely in control in bed too.

Jamal: I don't see Jamal a either, I think he switches depending on the situation. So I would say a top and bottom.

Olivia: Bottom. Bottom. Bottom. No more explaining to it. You are definitely more in control.

Ruby: I think he thinks he's as a top, he constantly talks about sex which is normal for his age but he has to be his bottom. You just have to push him down and well... ;)

Latrelle: If he isn't a top then I don't know shit. You basically putty in his hands and you are never giving orders, and I mean NEVER giving orders.

Oscar: There is no explanation to why he is a top. Just accept it.

Mario: From the little time we saw him I declare him a bottom, desperate pleas, crying. Great bottom material.

Jasmin: She's loud,bold, funny, and controlling. Top.

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