Phase Nine: Choices

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Niall hated hospitals.

It wasn’t for the people around it but the atmosphere. He hates it because every time he steps inside it, he could remember when he was 13 and he saw the lifeless body of his mother. Her eyes wide open, her once shining blue eyes are dull and her mouth open as if he was calling Niall. Niall didn’t remember the rest of the day but he remembers the pain and the sorrow.

Now he was inside the hospital, for Zayn.

“Niall” Niall snapped out of his thoughts as his name was being called out. Liam was in front of him and staring at him worriedly. Niall just looked at him blankly.

“Are you okay?” Liam asked. Niall just stared back down at his lap.

“Zayn’s in the operating room, do you think I’m okay?” Niall asked Liam back. Liam sighed and scratched the back of his head. Then Liam felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up seeing Harry smiling at him sadly.

“Let me talk to him.” Harry muttered slowly. Liam looked back at Niall and sighed. He nodded and walked away to Louis who was crying silently on the corner of the waiting room they were in. He hugged the feathered hair boy and the older lad let him.

“Hey Ni” Harry greeted but he didn’t get a respond as Niall kept staring at the distance. They stayed like that for a while until Niall broke the silence himself.

“I remember my mom Harry, she was the one I cherish the most and seeing her on a hospital be lifeless. I don’t want to see Zayn like that.” Niall mumbled and soon his walls broke. Harry enveloped the small blonde inside his arms and rubbed his back. Harry laid his chin on top Niall’s head as he comfort the blonde.

“Zayn’s a strong man, he could survive Ni.”

“Justin put two bullets in him, one near the heart and one on the stomach. He wanted Zayn to die and I want him to die in Jail.” Niall spat and cried as he buried his head into Harry’s chest. Suddenly the doors to the operating room were opened and a doctor walked out of it while removing his gloves.

“Zayn Malik?” He asked and Niall immediately stood up raising his hand a silver band glinting on his ring finger.

“I’m” Niall glanced at Louis who was looking at the doctor expectantly and continued “his fiancé.”

“Zayn is safe now, we removed the bullets successfully and later on he will be awake. Luckily the bullet didn’t hit anything. He’s a fighter.” The doctor said and patted Niall’s shoulder.

“Can we see him?” Niall asked. The doctor sighed and smiled sadly at Niall.

“If you’re name is Louis you can. He said he only wanted to see him.” The doctor said. Niall looked at Louis who was looking at him sadly.

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