Phase Four - Rio De Janeiro... with Love (Part One)

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Author's note: *starts cracking my knuckles and eat some peanuts* let's get back to business people! I need some stress reliever and this is what exactly I need. Writing this fic is pretty good and I can't wait to finish fics. So that I could add up another news fics in my list.

So, I really worked hard with this fic because i totally researched about the country of Rio De Janeiro. Someday I wanted to come there in my honeymoon.

Unfortunately, there will be only i think four more Phase and then the epilogue. *Gets teary eyed* Yeah, my fics is still on it's pre-teen stage and pre-teen stage is all about sexy time. But the bad news is the chapter of taming Niall with the more detailed smut  (with some of the dirty kinks I decided to leave out here) will be posted on a different book. So yeah, just wait for my signal whenever I posted it but lucky you. This will still have smut parts on it so BEWARE innocent eyes!

Also I would like to thank Smileyynsthc to the pointers about the upcoming Ziall sexy time and this will be awesome! XD

and... I decided to randomly dedicate a chapter to anyone who wanted it. So for the next four phases just tell me who wants it! :D Comment and vote love! :)

*Flipped a switch that appeared out of no where and like in vegas the chapter's name were seen with bright neon colors.*

Yeah. Louis' idea

Hope you like it!

Love always,

-Babyfacesweetheart xxx


"Shit." Zayn muttered when he saw how many papparazi are on post at the airport. Trying to catch a picture of the new hottest couple in the industry of business. Niall rolled his eyes as he averted his eyes away from Zayn who looked like a fucking kid.

"Yeah, shit. Come on, we are going to be late for our flight." Niall grumbled and before he could open the door. Liam stopped him and looked at him sternly. Niall huffed and sat back on the seat while Zayn rolled his eyes.

"Really shit, when you are acting like a dumbass sometimes." not sometimes often. Zayn added as an after thought. Liam groaned.

"Just shut u---"

"Stop! Just stop!" Liam exclaimed making the two jump who looked back at him. Liam had enough of the two grown man complaints.

"Stop bickering you jerks." Liam added shocking Zayn who isn't used for Liam using that kind of language while Niall just looked bored like he was used to it.

"Were not bickering, i'm just saying a compliment. Right Zen." Niall emphasized Zayn's name making it sound like the 'Zen'. Zayn looked at him offended and was about to say something back and when Liam slammed one of his clipboards down the floor of the car. Making the two jump again with Niall's eyes wide and Zayn's close shut.

"Just... Shut up will you? God, are you kids? For Godsake's, you are both in this together. You!" he pointed at Niall who held his hands up in surrender. "Should behave yourself, what if the papz caught you guys like this? You know your Dad already spend his half lifetime trying to explain your shenanigans of breaking every single one guy he tried to date with you and now what would he face the media about this?!" Liam flailed his temper already all over tha place as Niall just looked out the window. The glass was tinted so the papz couldn't see anything while Niall could see everything.

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