Epilogue #1

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So hi guys! This is kind of a Christmas Epilogue and do you see the number following the word "epilogue" in my title? Hmmm, yes. I have a series of Epilogue ready for you guys and sadly it's just going to be two. :)

So watch out for the next one but for now here is my special Epilogue in Christmas theme just for you guys! I hope you like it!


-Babyface xx

Ps. Please give me your feedback by commenting and vote! Love you guys!


Two years later

“Niall can you please give me the box of thumbtacks?” Harry mumbled as he struggle to keep the word Merry aligned with the Christmas. Harry waited for a couple of seconds his free hand outstretched towards Niall.

“Nia— Oh” Harry said as he turned and dropped the ‘Merry’ word and looked at the said blonde staring blankly outside the window.

It was three days before Christmas and it was already snowing outside.

Harry and Niall with the other staff were decorating the cabin hall the Horan’s rented for the company’s Christmas Party that will be held tonight right just outside the outskirts of London.

Niall was the one who wanted to launch a party as a thank you to all the staff making the Horan’s company number one yet again. He was after all the new CEO of the company and it’s been a year since Bobby decided to retire.

“Niall are you okay?” Harry asked carefully as he stepped down the three step ladder and walked towards the blonde. Niall jumped a little bit as he felt Harry’s arms around his shoulder. He glanced at him and then back at a couple who were accidentally both boys and a child playing around the snow.

“I think they are the one who lives across this vacation cabin hall.” Niall murmured avoiding Harry’s question successfully. Harry looked at the happy family and back at Niall who was staring at them longingly.

“He will come back Ni.” Harry said trying to comfort his sad best friend but Niall shook his head as he walked away from the window and towards the three step ladder. Continuing the job Harry was doing a while ago. Harry sighed and helped Niall instead by giving one thumbtack for Niall. Silence enveloped the two only the chattering of Liam and Voxta was heard from the other side of the hall.

“Do you know what I wish for Christmas this past two years?” Niall suddenly murmured while he put some shiny yellow and green strings beside the words they put on the wall where the stage of the cabin hall was located.

“What is it?” Harry asked as he cut stars from the yellow cellophane they bought and put it together with the red and blue ones.

“I wish that Zayn is here you know? I wish that he was here and I will let him see how much I do love him.” Niall murmured as he looked at Harry while touching the two silver rings on his neck that he converted into a necklace.

“You’ve change Ni for the better and that’s enough.” Harry commented as Niall sat beside him picking up a scissor and helping Harry with the cutting.

“Funny, for me it isn’t.” Niall said and chuckled sadly. Harry sighed yet again as he looked towards the Hall and into Liam who was looking at him with a sad expression on his face.

“Maybe this Christmas your wish may be answered Ni.” Harry said as he looked at Niall who was yet again staring at the window where he was standing a couple of minutes ago.

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