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Infinity and Beyond (A Ziall Mini Fic)


"Would you take me?"

"Without hesitation."

"Even though I'm branded, would you wait for me?"

"I would wait a lifetime love. I would wait until the other life. I would wait forever."

"To infinity and beyond."

"Yeah to infinity and beyond."

Zayn is a multimillionaire at the age of 17. Now at the peak of his career. Zayn, now 28, wanted to feel something new. Let's say like Love.

Niall is the son of a real estate owner. At the age of 18 he was married already to a man who he doesn't love. Now, 20 and in two years of a marraige that never really worked. Niall was desperate of love

Two people that desired to love and to be loved will be given the chance to experience and live it to the fullest but the problem is one must wait and one must sacrifice. The question is, would they be willing to do it for a chance of Inifinity and Beyond?

Daddy Diary (A Ziall Mini Fic)

Warnings: Mpreg


"After the fame and the money, being a Dad and a husband of the most beautiful man on earth isn't what I expected but hey, I enjoyed it. Even though i need to learn how to change diapers and cope up with moodswings for the sake of it. Why not?"

After One Direction, at the age of 27, Zayn got married with Niall and lived now in Ireland peacefully. After three years of marriage and now both 30 the couple decided to have kids. Adoption was one of the options but the news Niall received the day before they set the adoptions papers change their lives forever.

Or Basically, a story on how Zayn keep track on Niall's progress into pregnancy and anything in between.

Supernaturals: Holmes Chapel (A Ziall Fan Fiction)


"An alpha and his pack full of weirdos. What a great combination to bring havoc to the town eh?"

Wild Tide Highschool is considered to be the oldest establishment in Bradford and considered as one of the towns only public highschool. It said that the school bears the town's hidden and darkest secrets and every student just didn't care. Not until five not so natural kids discovered it by accident and as the saying goes

"Even though you keep something in the deep for years sooner or later it will be meant to be known and this type of secrets will surely bring havoc to where it was kept."

Or in which Zayn is an Alpha, Niall is the Psychic, Louis is the half demon, Liam is the werejaguar and Harry is a hunter. The Five supernaturals kids who discovered the secrets by accident of Holmes Chapel and brought havoc to the town.


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