Phase Three - So? Honeymoon you want?

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Author's note: So yeah, heya carrotcakes! XD How shoo do wen? I'm pretty much in a blissed out state because HELL YEAH. I have no classes today and I feel like updating ALL MY STORIES(But still my country is in times of need so please pray for philippines, thank you guys so much). I just need a certain muse... *suddenly sees Louis Tomlinson naked and walking around OUR room* okay, found it. Just can you hold on a minute.

*Leaves my laptop and they were a couple of groans and really child unfriendly sounds that needs not to mention*

*Breathes* okay, so yeah. Found it. yeah, hey don't give me that look! We didn't do anything! We were fighting. He was holding the album of Ziall's picture and he won't give it to me. Right Louis?!

Louis: Yeah, Yeah. *Then slip inside the bedsheets and snores loudly*

Okay, let's leave it like that. Anywho! Here it is and I hope you like this guys! I'm pretty much proud of this chapter because DOUBLE HELL YEAH~ 

ZIALL SEXYTIME! XD So beware! I tell you. :D So here it is! *Holds up a board with bright neon lights* Phase three- So? Honeymoon you want?

Hope you like it!

Love lots,

-Babyfacesweetheart xxx

Ps. This chapter is dedicated to her because I can! XD Love your writing bebs! Continue on writing great stories and also give me pointers on how to write smut! I'm pretty bad at it. :D


"Zayn will you calm down for a minute because I don't want to look like a fucking mother when Liam comes in." Louis grumbled at the distressed boy in front of him. Zayn just looked at him and glared, then finally decided to sit beside Louis. Ravaging his hands in his hair making Louis squeal.

"Will you stop ruining your hair. I actually take my time on fixing that." Louis said immediately styling Zayn's hair back on it's old style before Zayn completely destroyed it.

"I hate you." Zayn mumbled and leaned back on the chair staring at his reflection on the mirror in front of him. Louis rolled his eyes and stood up picking up a box ("You must wear these before you go in with Niall in the press conference okay?" Bobby said and the horror in Zayn's face when he opened it). Zayn is glaring at the box for a moment.

"No, you love me and you need to wear this now." Louis said. Zayn just rolled his eyes and offered his hand to Louis. Louis looked at it in disgust and twist Zayn's hand, so that his palm is facing him and put the box on it.

"What are you expexcting me to do? Wear it to you? Damn it Zayn, just suck it all up. Besides, you are the one who agreed about it not me. So stop pouting at me like that." Louis gushed. Zayn sighed and opened the box. He stared at it for a moment before deciding to actually wear it.

"I just, why do we need to go public? Can't we just do this fast and quick?" Zayn grumbled as he stood up and put the watch his mother gave to him when he was little. Then slip his phone and wallet to his pockets.

"They are rich." Louis said like it was something obvious. Zayn just looked at him with an eyebrow raised at his direction telling to explain what he said further. Louis rolled his eyes and grunted.

"Zayn! They are rich that means they need an image to hold off and they need to announce this kind of happenings in their life because they need to." Louis said. Zayn just sighed and closed his eyes.

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