Phase Five: Please Love Me (Part Two of Phase Four)

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Niall was out on the deck the following morning.

When he got down for dinner he saw Zayn already asleep on the bed. He didn't bother to wake the boy instead ate and got to sleep beside him. He got early when he felt the boat slowing down.

Right now he is on the deck and was staring straight ahead towards the island he presumed his dad bought for the two of them.

"ugh. Mr. Horan." One shaky voice said from his back. Niall glanced at him and got back straight ahead towards the island he was going to spend his 6 days.

"What?" Niall asked coldy making the young servant boy jump. The boy hastily replied.

"Am I going to wake Mr. Malik up?" The boy asked making Niall close his eyes. The thought of Zayn's tear stained face fast asleep down their room. Niall snorted and turned towards the boy with eyes blazing. The boy couldn't even think of any nightmare he have worse than this.

"Why do you ask that? Do I look I gave a damn about the boy?" Niall muttered slowly making the boy whimpered and remained his head down. Afraid that once he looked up, he might be facing death already.

"But sir--"

"Fucking wake him up in an hour after we reached the island. Do you understand me?" Niall asked and the boy hastily nodded.

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