August is my Birthday.. Next to Liam's!! yay! August 30.. :))


About me:
I am a Hardcore Ziall shipper and my side ships are fighting which is Lilo,Lirry and Larry. My favorite OT3 is Lilarry. My heterosexual favorite ship will be Payzer. I don't know who is my spirit animal.

I love watching re runs of Big Bang Theory. I have this biggest crush on Lenard in BBT. I LOVE FOOD AND LIFE. My favorite writer of all time is Rick Riordan, followed by Nora Roberts.

I wanted to be a leprechaun like Niall but i was rejected by Leprechaun Association board members so i settle in being an Asian girl with a button nose and probably a five foot height. (How sad was that? But i love being who i am) XD.

I think big whenever i am writing and I am Niall girl but at the same time a Louis girl too. I ship myself with Louis always and with Niall sometimes. Even with Zayn. How weird was that? Anywho, i have a tumblr account which has the name of:

Follow me guys, it will mean a lot to me XD

I have my super uber cute Filipino Friend @VictoriaKateGanapin.. (My Pardz, so if you are a filipino and can read filipino stories Follow her for me??)

So that's it. *Hides under the blankets were Louis was sleeping*

Successful Finished Project:

How do i Update?
-Every Saturday and Sunday
*If i update in weekdays, it means my readers has the luck of the Irish.

*emerged from the blanket* i hope you enjoy my stories. I always communicate with my fans. I LOVE THEM.. <3 Aha! *Hides again inside the blanket cuddling with Louis' sleeping figure*

*Whispers* Toooddaaallooooo Babes!

Love lots,

- Babyfacesweetheart xxx
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I would really like that tablet now to write whenever and wherever I am. 
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