Phase One- Shields down and Weapons up

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Throwing a chair wouldn't finish this whole situation, but sarcasm will.

"Wow, what a good story!" Niall said with fake enthusiasm the clear sarcasm dripping from his voice. His date, which is another of his dad's recommendation flinched when he heard Niall's fake enthusiasm.

"T-thanks." Martin, Niall's date stuttered and looked down to his food. Silently, scolding himself of telling the story about one of his crew in the construction site cry like a baby when he just tripped on the cement. Actually for Niall, it was really dumb story to tell. He watched carefully as Martin continue to eat without even looking up at him. Niall sighed and frustratedly ran his hand through his hair.

"You know Martin, I don't want to lead you on but I will go to the point. I don't like you, my dad is lying and i hate you for making me wear this fucking tux. Whatever my dad said, don't ever fucking listen to him. I'm leaving here and thanks for the meal." Niall muttered, his eyes stoned with the tiredness of the situation. Martin looked up and the hurt visible on his face.

"W-what? I thought you liked me! Your dad said so." Martin yelled like a kid who didn't had what he wanted. Niall scoffed and stood up. Starting to remove his coat and let it fall to the floor. Leaving him only on his white dress shirt. He smiled.

"What a bratt? Do I need to tell you this over and over again? HE FUCKING LIED and me? Niall Horan? going after you?! I don't like brown eyed boys and I don't like guys who needs a chaperon to get out from their fucking mansion." Niall spat, the anger to his dad and everyone who keeps on partnering him to anyone. He is not just a toy you could easily past to someone, he is not a toy. He will never be, that's why he hate this life.

"I hate you." Martin muttered. Niall smirked.

"Don't worry, I don't care." 

Then he walked away, but before he could stepped out of the restaurant. The place deserted, he turned around and glanced at Martin who is already on the verge of tears.

"Oh, by the way. Good luck with you reputation. Bachelor." Niall spat.

Martin burst into tears.


Drinking won't take away his bills, it will never be.

"Zayn will you slow down, you know this isn't the time to get yourself drunk." Louis Tomlinson said as he watched his brown eyed best friend down another whiskey. Zayn, looked at him and sighed.

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