Phase Two- No more dating... LET'S GET MARRIED!

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Author's note: Well, well, Look who's here! You~ Heya readers!

Well nothing much to say so. *Holds up a big cardboard paper that says: Do me Louis Tomlinson*

Well-- Here is the-- *looks up* Ooops, wrong sign board *Blushes and hides the cardboard. Then put up the right one*

There it is! Hope you enjoy reading it!

Love lots,

-Babyfacesweetheart xxx

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"Mr. Han, here's for the maintanance of the apartment. I wish you won't sell it to anyone so Mr. Malik could have his private nirvana if he needed." Liam tried to speak a simple english towards the old chinese guy but he was ignored entirely because the man is already salivating with the pile of pounds in his hand.

"No worries, room in my hands already. No worries." Mr. Han replied and quickly turned around. Impressively dodging the guys moving some of Zayn's clothes and equipments for art out of the apartment. Liam smiled as he turned around, about to enter the limosine to wait for the said boy inside when a hand stopped him. He followed the hand and saw the familiar blue eyed boy smirking at him with three cups of starbucks in his hand.

"Brought some starbucks." Louis declared. Liam smiled at him, curious at the kind gesture the lad was giving.

"Well, I didn't know what you want so I followed my instincts and bought some earl grey for you. No one can resist the same old same old eh?" Louis continued. Liam stared at him and got the drink thankfully.

"Thanks, earl grey is my favorite." Liam muttered and took a sip from the cup. Louis nodded and turned around with a big eager smile on his face while he took the careful steps towards Zayn's apartment. He quickly opened it and saw Zayn sitting on the sofa staring blankly at the flatscreen TV he remembered Zayn bought it when he received his first pay check. He smiled sadly as he made his way towards his bestfriend.

"Here, have some drink yeah?" Louis blurted out pulling Zayn out of his reverie. Zayn smiled greatfully and took the steaming caramel macchiato from Louis. Glad that his daily ration of coccain can fire him up.

"Did I made the right decision Lou? I mean, is it really worth it?" Zayn asked. Louis looked at him and smiled.

"Well, it's worth it for me since I already have my juicy target sitting idly downstairs but for you... yes. Definitely." Louis declared.

"But what if, my Dad and Mom were still alive. Would this thing still happen?" Zayn asked again. Louis rolled his eyes as he took a tentative sip of his earl grey tea. The same with Liam.

"Could you ever meet me if that happened?" Louis counter back. Zayn smiled and looked back.

"I'm sorry. Everything happened too fast." Zayn muttered. Louis smiled and clamped his hand on Zayn's shoulder.

"Well, in this world. Everything happens too fast sometimes you just need to deal with it."


"No." Niall said the hundreth time since breakfast. Bobby groaned.

"Please son, it's for your own good." Bobby muttered. Niall rolled his eyes and munched on the remains of his french toast. He took a sip from his orange juice and swallowed. Then silently he looked at his father with the same exhaustion from the last time he did to Martin Hart.

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