Phase Six: Indifference is Loves opposite

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Author's note: And.. yes, I know its been too long since I update this but hey! I'm a busy kid and besides my mom gave me a loom band kit. I kind of got invested in it and oh God.

I'm really sorry guys! So I hope this chapter is worth the wait! Sorry it's not that long. But it's the important part of the story and I tweaked the snippet I wrote on the last post because I don't want to reveal too much about the story. :)

I hope this was worth it! Read my note on the end please! Thanks! :)

Warnings: Starting of a smut but no continuation only the ending! Aha! Because i'm awesome. :P

Love you guys!

-Babyface xx


Zayn stared at the blank canvas

It was something he loves to do, to draw but now it seems like everything around him is so... chaotic. With the storm and the laughing of two voices on the dinning table. It was something Zayn wished he do but he can't.

The mainlander was back and his name is Raphael Muroz. If your asking, it was the same main lander that Niall always bought with him for the past few days. Ignoring Zayn it was the third to last night and Zayn feels so... alone.

He sighed as he dropped his pencil down and walked towards his bed. Ignoring Niall's laughter and how beautiful it is then dropped down on the bed. He picked up his phone and dialed the number he started to get accustomed for the past few days.

"Thania?" Zayn's voice wavered as the girl on the other line answered.

"Zayn? What's going?" The sweet soft voice answered back as Zayn sighed deeply and stared at the blank canvas.

"I-I can't draw" Zayn murmured and closed his eyes because he was really thankful he met Thania on the day this Niall and Raphael happened.


Niall just left Zayn like that, lost in the middle of a city without any instruction on how to go back and how to even go fucking back.

Zayn sighed as he pulled out his wallet and stared at it.

"God damn it Bobby, giving a broke man 4500 dollars each day will probably feed up its ego." Zayn muttered to himself as he saw an atm machine near an ice cream shop. He walked towards it and his eyes widen comically as he stared at the amounted money inside it. He quickly cashed out 1000 dollars and quickly moved away from the Atm. Doing so, he bumped into something much smaller than him ending up for the one he bumped to be sent flying.

"awiiiie!" a childish squeal maked Zayn looke and his heart nearly melted (Not like what Niall does to him when he read an article this morning about Niall giving away a million pound to a charity and participating with the feeding program or even breathing) to the sight of a young boy with brown hair and his ice cream cone splattered on the floor.

"OH my God! I'm sorry." Zayn exclaimed as he picked up the young boy. The boy just smiled at him and then looked down as he was perched on Zayn's arm looking at the ice cream.

"It's okay but Ice cream." The young boy mumbled and pointed towards the metling chocolate ice cream. Zayn smiled and glanced towards the ice cream shop.

"Why don't i buy you a cup. a big one with three scoops and sprinkles. What do you say?" Zayn said with an excited tone and the young boy cheered making Zayn laugh. He was about to enter the ice cream shop with the cute little boy bubbling about how he loves ice cream when the boy's head suddenly looked up.

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