Epilogue # 2

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ps. There is something in there that is kind of not PG-13. You know what it is! :) It's a present for all of you. Happy Reading Folks!


”I’m sorry.”

It was after the wedding reception and the newlywed couple was send off by a car towards the airport for their honeymoon. Niall and Zayn were seated side by side on the back of the car. Zayn looked at Niall suddenly who was already looking at him with sad eyes.

“What for baby?” Zayn asked as he took Niall’s hand that now bears the gold band Zayn personally picked for their wedding. Niall looked down to their intertwined hands and smiled.

“For everything I guess.” Niall murmured and Zayn smiled at him softly. He lifted Niall’s chin up by his index finger and stared at him.

“It’s okay Niall. Everything happens for a reason okay?” Zayn said and leaned forward connecting their lips together. Niall sighed against Zayn’s lips happy that the boy he loved so much is finally right beside him and his forever. Zayn pulled away and smiled at Niall who was already smiling at him. Then he leaned down and took Niall’s ankles then pulled Niall until he was on his lap making the blonde squeak.

“You should be right here.” Zayn said in a playful tone and Niall laughed wrapping his arms around Zayn’s neck leaning his head on his shoulder. Zayn smiled and buried his nose on Niall’s hair missing the smell of him.

“I have a question.” Niall said while the car took a stop on stoplight. Zayn hummed in response to occupied on how Niall is so warm despite the cold air of December and the snow falling around them.

“Where are you for the past two years?” Niall asked quietly and Zayn opened his eyes then looked at Niall who was fumbling on the brown long coat Zayn exchanged with his black suit. Niall on the other hand exchange his suit into a black long coat with a big collar on it.

“I stayed at Bradford, a train away from London for a year. When Thania turned 18 I let her take a college degree in Australia so we moved there with her Louis still joining us in our move. Then we stayed there until now.” Zayn said as his arm around Niall’s waist starts to rubbed small circled on Niall’s hips the blonde sighing in response on Zayn’s action.

“I saw Thania; she became a very beautiful woman.” Niall murmured against Zayn’s neck and then kissing it while Zayn continue to rub comforting circles on Niall’s hips.

“Indeed, even had a boyfriend now.” Zayn grunted and Niall laughed hearing the evident disapproval on his voice.

“You don’t like the boyfriend?” Niall asked looking up at Zayn who was pouting and staring at him.

“He was good actually his name is Luke.” Zayn mumbled but Niall giggled leaning up to kiss Zayn’s pout Zayn smiled softly at the blonde and kissed his forehead in return.

“Then why don’t you like him?” Niall asked quietly and Zayn smiled liking how Niall became so gentle and quiet now after two years of being apart.

“I actually like him it’s just I’m the brother you know? I just want her to be happy and not hurt.” Zayn mumbled and buried his nose on Niall’s hair. The blonde smiled and looked out watching the lights of the holiday go by.

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