Chapter 19

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Blaster fire echoing through the audio receptors of the predaqueen. Her own blasters heated up already as she had been shooting for a long time now. Her home planet was dieing in a great war that had been going on for years now.

Her family was gone. All of them. Her parents were killed by Megatronous, and thus she swore she will get her revenge when she gets the chance. Her brother was killed by the autobots commander called Ultra Magnus. She knew she would find him in the future but she did promise her brother that she won't kill him. She couldn't break it. Never.

Letting out a growl, she blasted off one last decepticon head before it's body fell down offlined. She looked around her, seeing all the city she was living in on the blazing fire. Buildings were collapsing one by one.

The predaqueen fell on her kneeplates, her helm down in sorrow and saddness. "I'm sorry creator...I let you down..." She said after rising her helm towards the night sky where multiple stars were seen to show themself. But even they soon disappeared behind the dark smoke cloud that the fire was making.

Her dermas formed a deep frown before she stood on her peds and started walking towards a cave her protector (A/N: or I don't remember how father was in cybertronian) had told her. When there she noticed a huge black warship hidden under some big cloth covers. She pulled those off and opened the ship enterence before walking inside as it's monitors lit up.

She sat on the pilot seat and started the engine, taking off to look around the planet and trying to find some of her own kind.

But before she could find what she was looking for, she noticed few decepticon troops surrounding a small dragon like minicon.

She growled and flew out of the ship, leaving it hovering at the sky. She transformed to her beast form and fought with the decepticons until they were all dead. She faced the minicon who had a thankful look on it's faceplate. "Thanks." He thanked her.

"No problem. What's your name?" She asked back in the predacon language due to her being still in her beast mode.

"I'm Metalwave. May I ask the same from you?"

"My designation is Lightning Shadow, queen of all the predacons." She introdused herself as the second part made Metalwave bow instantly.

"My Queen. It's pleasure to meet you." He said before straightening himself.

"No need to bow. Would you like to accompany me?" She asked as Metalwave's eyes lit up.

"Of course I do, My Queen."

"Then follow me. Let's find some of our kind." She told the minicon and they both flew up on the queen's ship. She continued her search with the smaller minicon helping her.

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