Chapter 9

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"Come with us so I can fix you." Ratchet said and I glared at him. Tornadoblade took my place as I walked up to the autobots.

"Didn't I make myself clear enough?" I asked and vented out in anger and annoyance.

"You did but please. It's the only thing we can do to correct our mistake." Optimus said and I thought for a moment. I looked at Natureskull then back at autobots.

"Fine. Storm, Razor Fang and I will stay behind to repair our ship. The others go with them." My team nodded as the portal opened behind them. "We will call you if the ship is done." I said and they went through.

"Let's get going." I said and we started working.

Tornadoblade's pov.

A few hours later...

"Don't you trust us?"

"They will if our leader would of."

"Why don't she then?"

"Because of one of the team Prime members but I won't say any names out loud." Lilian answered Ratchet's question as she glared at Ultra Magnus. He glared back making Lilian to growl.

"We didn't get any answers last time either so spit it out." Ratchet crossed his servos as he snapped at the commander.

"WHY DID YOU KILL HIM?!" Lilian yelled out of rage, not letting Ultra Magnus even start with his explanation. Nature was now on his own peds and listening our conversation.

"It was an accident! I didn't mean to kill him or Lightning Shadow. I was about to shoot a decepticon but Lightning was faster and I couldn't stop myself anymore." He explained.

"Why couldn't you?" Lightning Shadow asked after the screen had went online. Few bots jumped in surprice.

"How did you-" Lightning cut the commander off.

"We were connected with your computer so we heard but the screen didn't work. And I heard all of it." She said. "Anyway, the ship is ready to take off. Meet me at the last cordinates." She added and I nodded.

Natureskull opened the ground bridge and we transformed to our beast forms.

Lightning Shadow's pov.

I was about to cut the comline with autobots until Ultra Magnus spoke up.

"Wait Lightning Shadow!" He shouted, stopping me to cut the comline but making me growl. "I'm sorry that I killed your brother. I didn't expect this to happen. Only thing I want is would forgive me...and we could be the friends we were before the accident." He apolocised and I let out a sigh.

"I accept your apology but not your friendship. You have to do more than apolocise if you want me to be your friend again." I told him after I had seen that he meant it and finally cut the comlink.

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