Chapter 12

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"Lightning Shadow? You're back?" Ratchet asked as me and my team walked in the base with Miko and Lillian sitting on my shoulders. The Iron Will haven't still arrived cause we flew faster.

I forgot to warn him but oh well... I thought but shrugged it off as Optimus walked closer to me. "Can we talk in more privacy?" He asked and I nodded as we walked to one of the hallways.

If we were out of hearing range we stopped. "I wanted to say that I'm sorry for shooting you. Would you forgive me?" He asked.

"Optimus, I have completely forgiven to you and your team already... except for one." I said and Optimus was confused but then understood who I was taking about.

"Why not to just go and talk to him?" I sighed at his question.

"You think it's just as easy as to say it? Then you're wrong. It's not easy and besides why should I to talk to him first when he started it all. I mean, I can apologize for attacking him however he has to apologize first." I told him and I knew he would understand. He nodded after I was done. We walked back to the main room and saw Bulkhead and Ultra Magnus have arrived. Lillian was glaring at the commander. "Me and Storm are going on a patrol. Lillian, want to come with us?" I asked smiling towards her.

She smiled back while nodding. "Sure." She ran down from the platform to us while me and Storm transformed to our vehicle modes. Due to Storms size she had to scan a motorcycle like Arcee but little taller.

We drove out of base when I heard Ratchet say something about not messing things up with me and my team again.

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