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Korosenai, The Unkillable Boy (Izujiro) ( Assassin classroom x mha) by KyokaJiroChan
Korosenai, The Unkillable Boy (Izu...by Kyoka-Jiro chan
Izuku will have all the powers of kurosensi from assassination classroom Including his award winning smile, his ten tentacles (6 for legs and 4 for arms) and his color c...
Green Mineral Hero [Complete] by Demon_Lotus
Green Mineral Hero [Complete]by Demon_Lotus
This is a alternate universe where Izuku has a very, interesting quirk called Green Mineral. With his quirk he is now an unkillable walking emerald. Will Izuku use his a...
Doava by Dinal76
Doavaby Dinal76
Achievements- #1 indestructible This world is a beautiful place, full of magic. But it's not the only one. Rift dwellers from other worlds come after a storm which can...
Return By Deku by Diamondragon23
Return By Dekuby Diamondragon23
Izuku has possibly the most powerful quirk he has ever seen. If anyone were to know about it he could be hunted by villains for his incredible worth. His quirk has sav...
UnKillable [AOT] by Auto_Maniac
UnKillable [AOT]by Demonic Treasures
When you are thrown into a new world that you used to recognise as a show, you would be in disbelief. Except Emma Olivia Smith didn't. She took it in stride and decided...
Queen Of The Predacons by BlackShadowOf1
Queen Of The Predaconsby BlackShadowOf1
One day an escape pod landed on earth and autobots went to investigate the signal. Who do they find? Read to find out.
MARRIAGE 70 KM [Karma Akabane X Reader] by Anime-THE-Legend
MARRIAGE 70 KM [Karma Akabane X Re...by ANIME
"This race is a race of life and it will by end by taking one's life." "For family if there is need to take one's life.Then also I will not back away.&quo...
Killing Butterflies by Mxxliqht
Killing Butterfliesby ♡ 𝔐𝔵𝔵𝔩𝔦𝔮𝔥𝔱 ♡
~Ermet was an ordinary boy with ordinary friends and an ordinary family.Well he once was. Some months ago Ermet's mom died of a heart attack.Trying to get over, Ermet fi...
It was all a lie  by coolreader8612
It was all a lie by coolreader8612
Ema is a very mysterious girl with a hidden secret which she will discover . She lived a lie for 18 years yes her whole life. What will happen when she finds out the tr...
From weak fat boy to strong badass by Connorwells98
From weak fat boy to strong badassby Connorwells98
After years of hell, Connor managed to get himself a game where he was betrayed for the last time and the next time someone saw him, he was now strong and op.
Ability Creator [ON HOLD] by FanficWriter130603
Ability Creator [ON HOLD]by FanficWriter130603
Born with the power to create new powers & abilities on the fly for himself and also give these powers to someone else. At age 4 he is kidnapped by the american governme...
A World That Meet's It's Fate... by Little_Seto_
A World That Meet's It's Fate...by Lil Seto Sorcerer
It's About Stuff About Cross And Lil Seto And How They Met People And Stuff
Purple Ink- Assassination Classroom FanFiction by EmLark7
Purple Ink- Assassination Classroo...by Lark <3
Akira "Karasuma" Lark has been working peacefully for the Ministry of Defense alongside her illegitimate father. She lived in Poland until she was 4 then moved...
These Stars that Burn at Midnyght [18+] by KittySpalla
These Stars that Burn at Midnyght...by Kitty Spalla
The Liberators, a band of religious mercenaries hired by the FBI, are after Emerald Jenkins. Naturally, Era isn't a typical teenage girl. She's part of a small portion o...
The Nightingale Code (Monsters Series #2) (COMPLETE) by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
The Nightingale Code (Monsters Ser...by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
"The Nightingale Code, the rules for every Guardian to follow, and the list of important people in a Guardian’s life. There are many minor rules, such as never cros...
Interviews by CuHaGa
Interviewsby CuHaGa
Meet OFFICER 1 and OFFICER 2. They are not important to this story. Well, to the overall story, at least. In this story, though, they are there. There is also others, w...
History's grasp by Lotus_Lilac
History's graspby Nightsplash_Lotus_Lilac
A 16 year old named Yung Shuy Inn suffers from pulmonary disease and is bullied for that, He meets some friends including a blind 15 year old who changes Yung's Whole li...
Unkillable Legacy: The Greatest Crime of All by UnshadowedAuthor
Unkillable Legacy: The Greatest Cr...by Unshadowed Author
A mastermind, a fighter, a criminal. He's out to do his job; assassinate, rob, steal, infiltrate. He will take control. The mighty terrorists will arise, and Striker wil...
Unkillable (Monsters Series #1) (Wattys2014) by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
Unkillable (Monsters Series #1) (W...by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
In an alternate future in America, when his parents throw him over the Border River, Jesse Salvatier is rescued by Colonel Angel Harper of Liberal Ground, who can never...