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Kill Or Be Killed! (Assassination Classroom Au) by EtherealMagicQueen
Kill Or Be Killed! (Assassination...by ☠︎ ϮᏒᎥ꒝К ԾᏒ ϮᏒꂅᕱϮ ☠︎
(ON HIATUS UNTIL 30 NOVEMBER 2019) Cover by: KnightOfTheSea Ever since an international threat world wide has come to notice to world leaders, of a creature has be known...
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Tracer x Unkillable Male Reader by Warriorblood252
Tracer x Unkillable Male Readerby Warriorblood252
You don't know what you are you just exist. you woke up one day in the middle of a of a feild. you had no friends, no family, nothing. It was just you. you live in the c...
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Queen Of The Predacons by BlackShadowOf1
Queen Of The Predaconsby BlackShadowOf1
One day an escape pod landed on earth and autobots went to investigate the signal. Who do they find? Read to find out.
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Ability Creator by FanficWriter130603
Ability Creatorby FanficWriter130603
Born with the power to create new powers & abilities on the fly for himself and also give these powers to someone else. At age 4 he is kidnapped by the american governme...
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Another Unkillable by HealthyBubbles
Another Unkillableby Healthy Bubbles
There is a girl that is unkillable and her and Karma are surprisingly childhood best friends and rivals. She is almost as fast as Koro-Sensei and has a trashed life. But...
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Spirit (Monsters Series #3) by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
Spirit (Monsters Series #3)by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
Twenty years after The Nightingale Code, Xanthe, Lyle, Emerson, and their son, Oliver, and daughter, Juliette, move away from their cabin in Montreal back to the cabin i...
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"Unkillable" by Eldworld
"Unkillable"by Elsollia
"So did, you ever kill someone? Since you're an assasin and all..." She chuckled at that question, placed her hands behind her neck and rested back on the gras...
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Ollie by immaRUSHER05
Ollieby amelia
So, everyone knows that a wooden stake kills vampires and garlic freaks the chizz out of them, right? Well, what if there was a new breed of vampires that wooden stakes...
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The Hitman (One Shot) by FakerSanity
The Hitman (One Shot)by Not_404Studios
Basically something to keep y'all entertained while I'm still writing my other books.
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Unkillable by Mononoke111
Unkillableby Mina-Chi
Perfect Regeneration, a quirk that was a blessing yet a curse. Demonic yet godly. Hideous yet beautiful. Mika Tsumori possessed this such quirk and she was called unkill...
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Fear is Stronger than Love * Creepypasta * by hystericallyloo4250
Fear is Stronger than Love * Creep...by hystericallyloo4250
*Edited* Blue is a loud mouthed teenager who gets sucked into the creepypasta world against her will by the only person she trusted. And throughout her time at Slenderm...
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Unkillable Legacy: The Greatest Crime of All by UnshadowedAuthor
Unkillable Legacy: The Greatest Cr...by Unshadowed Author
A mastermind, a fighter, a criminal. He's out to do his job; assassinate, rob, steal, infiltrate. He will take control. The mighty terrorists will arise, and Striker wil...
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Unkillable (Monsters Series #1) (Wattys2014) by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
Unkillable (Monsters Series #1) (W...by Maiara_Fate_Shriver
In an alternate future in America, when his parents throw him over the Border River, Jesse Salvatier is rescued by Colonel Angel Harper of Liberal Ground, who can never...
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A Mythical Powerhouse by davididbeast
A Mythical Powerhouseby davididbeast
A story of how vampires and myths should be. The story of how life began, was, and ended. This is a story about a teenager (Andrew) who becomes a powerful God of gods.
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Fox among men  by dellboydavo
Fox among men by Dell Davison
A tail about a boy with a secret... Lewis Kingston is not quite human and I'll leave it at that, he's just trying to fit in but it's not so easy when your him.
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It was all a lie  by coolreader8612
It was all a lie by coolreader8612
Ema is a very mysterious girl with a hidden secret which she will discover . She lived a lie for 18 years yes her whole life. What will happen when she finds out the tr...
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People Like Us by JamesRemengesau
People Like Usby JamesRemengesau
My name is Alana. I cannot die, I do not get sick but I think this society is sick. People like me are hunted down and are used as experiments. They call us the Unkilla...
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These Stars that Burn at Midnyght [18+] by KittySpalla
These Stars that Burn at Midnyght...by Kitty Spalla
The Liberators, a band of religious mercenaries hired by the FBI, are after Emerald Jenkins. Naturally, Era isn't a typical teenage girl. She's part of a small portion o...
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