Chapter 16

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"Optimus! A mine exploded and two energon signals were in the mine!" Ratchet informed quickly while typing.

"Wait what?! I saw Lightning and Ultra Magnus driving....out..." Storm fell in thought at the end of her sentence.

"Oh no..." Natureskull started to panic, knowing what his teammate meant.

"We can't decide anything until-" Optimus started but Nature cut him off.

"Do you even think what you are saying?! You are a leader and what if our team members are the ones who got inside the explosion?!" He practically shouted at the autobots leader. "I don't know about you but I'm going to look. With or without you." He says and runs out of the base, other predacons not far behind him. They transformed and took off towards the mine.

The cave was smoking from the explosion as the huge warship was floating above the cave. Predaking flew down and searched around with some vehicons. Not far away they found the two autobots, laying on each other unconscious.

Predaking grabbed them both and took off back towards the Nemesis. He landed on the flight deck, throwing the two down on the metal ground as the leader of the decepticons was waiting for them already with his hands behind his back.

He grinned, seeing them unconscious as he commanded the vehicons to drag them into cells.

As the predacons arrived to the smoking cave, it was already too late. The Nemesis had already flown away with the new prisoners.

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