Chapter 13

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Few days later...

Lighting Shadow and Optimus were watching as Arcee and Bumblebee were moving the energon carts through our ground bridge. We turned around just as Bulkhead and Smokescreen came out from the cave. An explosion was heard from the cave as the ground shook and some rocks fell from the mountain.

"Wow, what was that?" Smokescreen asked fast. Lighting Shadow and Optimus looked at each other then at the cave with wide eyes.

Meanwhile Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack had blown up the laboratory and the cave walls were in flames as Predaking looked at it in shock.

"What have you done to my brethren?" Predaking's rage was rising as he looked at the two autobots who took the fighting stance. Predaking started to walk towards them. "What have you done!" He yelled a battle cry as he ran at the wreckers.

Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack shot at the predacon who jumped attacked. The autobots split up just as Predaking landed to where they just stood.

~Timeskip (sorry, I'm too lazy to write the fight)~

Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack were both down as Predaking hit Wheeljack with a huge rock that had been shot down from the cave ceiling. Ultra Magnus was about to get the Force of Solus Prime but was stopped when Predaking crushed his servo.

Ultra Magnus cryed out in pain as Predaking stepped on his servo again. Predaking took a step back as Ultra Magnus rolled to his back and holding his crushed servo. The predacon leader walked picked up the force and broke it to half and dropping it before the commander who had rolled back to his previous position.

"Prepare to perish." Predaking raised his clawed servo to extinguish the commander but he was knocked away by Optimus and Lighting Shadow.

The two leader shot at the cave ceiling and let the rocks fall on the predacon. Predaking broke out from under the rumble only to see Optimus and Lighting Shadow fly away with the unconscious wreckers after Optimus had picked up Wheeljack and Lighting Shadow had picked up Ultra Magnus.

"What?! NO!" Predaking ran after them and transformed to his beast form after running out from the cave. Lighting Shadow held Ultra Magnus between her front talons as she dodged the fire Predaking had shot. The autobots flew into the ground bridge and it closed before Predaking had a chance to fly in making him roar out in fury.

Back at the hangar E where the autobots base was the two wreckers were still knocked out as Ratchet was repairing Ultra Magnus's servo as the commander was layed down on the medical berth.

Ultra Magnus's pov.

I slowly started to come back online, hearing laser and seeing Optimus and Lighting Shadow looking at me worriedly. I looked at them for a moment before looking down at my right servo.

I groaned. "Ratchet will take good care of you." Optimus said before Wheeljack spoke up.

"Magnus fought like a wrecker."

I looked at Optimus and Lighting Shadow. "Optimus, " I got his attention before continuing. "when we spoke earlier, what could be greater than an army?" I asked weekly.

"A human content, one I have learn since coming to earth." Optimus paused for a moment as I tilted my helm a little. He looked at the others before completing her sentence. "Family." He said as others gathered around us.

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