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Megatron's twin by Emil678
Megatron's twinby Emilyh
Quillux is Megatron's twin, he is the complete opposite of him in every way. He was neutral in the war (mainly hiding) but now wishes to join the Decepticon cause. This...
Nightstreak: The Decepticon That Changed Everything (tfp fanfic) by Animeforliiifesister
Nightstreak: The Decepticon That Lord Starscream
What if this Decepticon was aboard the Nemisis after Cybertron was destroyed? What would it change? What's another Decepticon gonna change? What if this one.....changed...
Transformers Prime FaceBook by Sheik1998
Transformers Prime FaceBookby The Knights who say " Ni!"
Miko did it again, she gave the team some dumb idea, it's called Facebook, all the bots are addicted to it and are constantly on....even Prime.....and somehow the cons f...
Believe In Magic- Transformers Prime Fanfiction [SLOW UPDATED] by SQUARE-bit
Believe In Magic- Transformers SQUARE-bit
Divorced? Moving to a new place? How bad can it be? Follow Connor Sebastian, a 16 years old boy who's love perform magic tricks and his family just got divorced and movi...
Transformers The Hatchling by slyfox18
Transformers The Hatchlingby Carly
The decepticons began digging up something up deep in the mines when autobots intercept the transportation of the object and unleash a creature within something that has...
TFP Decepticon Parent Scenarios by CricketLuver
TFP Decepticon Parent Scenariosby CricketLuver
Ever wonder what it would be like to have one (or two) of the TFP Decepticons be your parent? Read to find out
Silence // SoundWave x human! Reader by FloweryJoker
Silence // SoundWave x human! RoryY
(Y/n) Darby. The Deaf, younger sister of Jack. Or is she? After getting 'kidnapped' by the decepticons she finds out secrets from her past.
Transformers Prime- Project Aurora by MelT201
Transformers Prime- Project Auroraby MelT201
A girl was taken in by M.E.C.H. at the age of four. She believed that designations are titles not names. She only has the designation test subject 201 of Project Aurora...
|| 𝕄𝕀𝕊𝕋 || KNY/TFP CROSSOVER by YukiYasuko2
|| 𝕄𝕀𝕊𝕋 || KNY/TFP CROSSOVERby Yuki Yasuko
!! ᴋɴʏ ᴍᴀɴɢᴀ ꜱᴘᴏɪʟᴇʀ !! " 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 (𝐘/𝐍 ). 𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐮 (𝐘/𝐍)." Apparently, the mist hashira not only had a twin brother, but a little sister as well. An...
From Ordinary to Extraordinary by sparkstrappedindark
From Ordinary to Extraordinaryby Ghostie's Pad
Faith and Kyle are normal kids. Orphaned by a "car accident" back in their home town and country Canada. Kyle has autism and Faith is boarder line ADHD, but wh...
Frostwing - a TFP fanfiction (Complete) by CreatorAja
Frostwing - a TFP fanfiction ( CreatorAja
He's the First of his kind, and possibly the Last. Meet Alpha Frostwing Prime. He's a Metacon. A mechanical Ice Dragon. He's dedicated to protecting his Partners, eating...
The Little Sparkling-TFP OC Fanfiction by PrObLeMsWithME
The Little Sparkling-TFP OC ❤
When an escape pod crashes on earth, the Autobots investigate the pod to find a Predacon Sparkling. What will they do, and who will care for it? (I DO NOT OWN TFP IN AN...
Decepticons x pet!human! Reader by LordOfTheBiches
Decepticons x pet!human! Readerby LordOfTheBiches
Nothing kinky here, I promise.
Forgotten Soul by Drangerwolf
Forgotten Soulby Drangerwolf
Soundwave found a sparkling on a mission that would change his life forever
Tfp catformers x reader by moonstar2003
Tfp catformers x readerby moonstar2003
This is a bunch of your favorite transformers prime as a cats ! One shots ! Enjoy!
Lost Love - A Ratchet Love Story by TransformersRules
Lost Love - A Ratchet Love Storyby StormBlazer
Anna is a twelve year old girl that adores the transformers franchise. She is loved dearly by her parents. She sees her mom more than her dad. Anna's dad is in the milit...
Transformers Prime: Brother of Megatron [Megatron!Brother OC] by GamingLichdom
Transformers Prime: Brother of GamingLichdom
An alternate universe based in Transformers Prime where Megatron, the Gladiator of Kaon, has a younger brother who traveled the universe a few years after the war on Cyb...
Family by LastLightAlive
Familyby U • x • U
((Keep in mind that I wrote this years ago- so the writing is just cringe)) ---------- ((Child!Reader x Father!Optimus Prime)) ----------- "Hello, child. You know w...
All I Want - Megatron X Reader by WingedVigilante
All I Want - Megatron X Readerby WingedVigilante
"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become one." Megatron fought against the Council's tyranny, only to unleash his own once h...
The Champion's Return by Catswoldqueen
The Champion's Returnby Sarah
A femme awakens, her past forgotten. Adopted by the local village, she struggles to find out who she is and from where she came. Join her on a journey to remember her pa...