Chapter 15

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Lightning Shadow leaned against the base wall and was in deep thought not noticing someone walking up behind her.

"Beautiful view, isn't it?" The autobot commander asked her, bringing her out of her thoughts.

She looked behind her at him before back at the sunrise. "It truly is" she agreed.

"I actually wanted to ask if you would come on a patrol with me?" Ultra Magnus asked and Lightning thought for a moment before nodding and transforming to her car form, the commander not far behind.

They drove away from the base and were silent for a moment before Lightning got an energon signal.

"Got an energon signal." She says through their comlink and sharply turned offroad. The commander followed her and they came up to a mine.

Magnus transformed at the cave enternece while Lightning drove in the cave in her alt form. "Wait Lightning." Magnus started before he ran after her.

She took sharp turns here and there until she arrived to the middle cave. She transformed and started to look around. The commander, who had been following her on foot, finally arrived beside the predaqueen.

"What were you thinking?" He snapped making Lightning stop in her tracks and turn around so she was face to face with him.

"I was thinking what you weren't." She let out a growl and then it went silent for a moment before beeping sound was heard.

That's when they realized the cave being a trap for one of the autobots.


Then the cave exploded...

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