Chapter 1

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I walked trough the forest where my escape pod had landed. I have been out of it about six hours. When I was near it, I saw five cybertronians there. I narrowed my eyes after I had transformed my right servo into a blaster.

Optimus's pov.

We got an escape pod signal and now we are on it's landing place. "It is Autobot escape-" I paused and raised my hands in surrender as I felt blaster pointed at my back helm.

"One wrong move and you will be dead." Someone growled behind me. The others pointed their guns at us and I shook my helm. "Now, who are you and what to you want?"

"We do not mean any harm. Please, lower your weapons."

There was put more preasure on the back of my helm causing me to hiss a little. "Not until you answer my questions. And I suggest you to speak right here, right now." I stayed silent for a second.

"My name is Optimus Prime, leader of the autobots. We got an escape pod's signal so we came to investigate." I answered and looked behind me slowly. There stood femme who was taller than me. She had bright yellow optics, spiked black, red and blue armor. She lowered her weapon and transformed it back to her sharp clawed servo.

"Autobots huh? I'm Lightning Shadow." I nodded at her and introdused my team.

"They are Arcee, our warrior, Bumblebee, our scout, and Bulkhead, our wrecker." I introdused gesturing to my team members. She nodded at each of them.

Ratchet's pov.

Optimus forgot to introduse me and called for Ground Bridge. Me and Lightning Shadow were the last one to enter. Before we went in the portal I grabbed her arm. She stopped and looked back at me her optic ridge raised.

"Optimus forgot to introduse me. I'm Ratchet, team's medic." I said as I let go of her. She smiled nodding at me.

"It's nice to meet you Ratchet." I couldn't help but to smile a little as we walked trough.

Lightning Shadow's pov.

After we were trough a human femme ran up to me, exited. "A NEW BOT!? SO COOL!" I smiled at her as two mechs came besides her. Black haired boy seemed to be the oldest and the other one the youngest.

"I'm Raphael but you can call me Raf. They are Miko and Jack." The last one said and I nodded to him.

I got on one knee so I can be more their height. "I'm Lightning Shadow and its nice to meet all three of you." I said and they smiled at me, after that I stood up straight.

"I'm guessing you need to scan a vehicle mode?" Ratchet asked as he tilted his helm.

"No, I got one already." I said with a grin showing my sharp dentas.

"Are you a truck?" Miko asked and I laughed, transforming into my Ford Raptor F150 six wheels (pic above but has red rims, blue hood and roof). Then I transformed back to my bipedal mode. "Wow. So awesome." I smiled at Miko.

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