Chapter 17

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"NOOOOOOOOOO!" The predacons roared in anger, knowing, their leader is taken by the decepticons.

"Those fraggers will pay." Storm growls, her paw in strong fist. Other autobots, who had followed, stopped besides the beasts and looked around.

The predacon team looked at them like waiting for something. "We must think of a plan." Arcee says as the beasts growled before taking off back towards the base.

"We don't need a plan to save someone." Storm says through Optimus' comlink as howling wind was heard while they were flying. She hang up and after a minute they arrived to their own ship.

They transformed in mid air, landing besides the Blackjack with strong thuds. They ran in and took their places, taking off towards the decepticons warship, anger still boiling inside them as their ship's guns were heating up slowly for the battle they were about to start with their enemies to get back what belongs to them.

At the same time on the decepticons warship, the autobots commander started to slowly wake up from his stasis mode. He groaned, looking around the room he was in which he recognized to be a cell. His servos were chained up to the ceiling as he tryed to move them but couldn't get free.

He looked around more but didn't noticed Lightning Shadow anywhere. Just as he understood it, a dark spiky figure stood at the doorway.

"Wakey wakey...commander." the figure grinned as her voice was familiar. She stepped into the light as the commander's optics widened.

No...Lightning Shadow...

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