Chapter 14

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Good thing is that Lighting Shadow accepted my apology completely and our friendship is starting to restore but she warned me to not do this kind of thing again. I accepted her warning cause what else could I do to restore our friendship.

Currently I and Lightning Shadow were training and I'm trying to use my new clawed servo as much as possible. Ratchet demanded me. I was brought back to reality after Lightning had hit me with her beast form tail sending me to the ground. I looked at her in confusion as she walked closer.

"Focus Magnus! If you don't focus on battle then you would be dead in no time." Lightning remarked in my head as I stood up and nodded. She attacked me again but I dodged by rolling aside. "Now that's what I'm talking about." She said and released her green fire. I dodged again but it managed to get me from my shoulder. I hissed and transformed my left servo to a blaster shooting her back.

She grinned and jumped up flickering on the holograms that looked like herself. I didn't know which one was the real leader. Before I could choose she roared and swiped with her talon deactivating the holograms.

I hit my back against the training room wall. I tryed to stand up but Lightning pinned me against the wall and I couldn't move anywhere. "I yield." I gave up making her huff. She noticed my shoulder and licked it as it started to heal.

She released me and shifted back to her bipedal form before helping me up. "I think that's it for today." She said and I nodded before we went out of the room.

Sorry for a short chapter. I just didn't have any ideas anymore.

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