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I watch as Merlin walks to his room. I walk up to Gaius.

"What's going on? Can i see her?" I ask impatiently.

"Sire, Morgana seems to have memory loss. She doesn't remember anything after for a long time. Therefor she doesn't know Uther is dead, she doesn't know that you're king and she has no recollection of her magic. So no. You can't talk to her. We have to figure out a story, something to tell her."

I gape at him. How are we supposed to do that! Even if we say she went into a coma or something she will still ask questions. And it's not like we can get all of Camelot to keep quiet. I sigh in frustration.

"Let me talk to her. If worse comes to worse we can knock her out and try again."

Gaius gives me a look.

"I'm afraid it won't work that way sire. We have one shot at this. But you are right. You should do it. I think you should take time to think of what you're going to sa-"

I cut him off.

"I'm going in now. I know what I'm gonna say." I turn and walk in the room. Leaving Gaius dumbfounded behind me.

I close the door and turn to Morganas angry face.

"Arthur. Care to explain?"

I sigh again. Maybe if I mess this up I can get Merlin to do some voodoo magic on her so I can try again.

"Hey Morgana... umm. What's up." I say nervously smiling. She glares.

"Alright fine. What's the last thing you remember."

"What's that supposed to mean!" She shouts.

Wrong angle.

"I mean. Okay. You have missed a lot. Like. Ugg. I don't. I. Argg!" I groan frustrated.

"Arthur. Calm down. Just tell me what happened." Morgana says carefully.

I just start talking, surprisingly making sense.

"Someone tried to assassinate you. They put a spell on you that made you sleep for a long time. A very long time. We just got a sorcerer to revive you-" She cuts me off.

"A sorcerer! Uther would never allow tha-" My turn to cut her off.

"He's dead." I mumble. She stops, astounded.

"H-he's dead? How? What happened!? Wait. Doesn't that.. make you king?"

I nod and sigh. She just gapes at me.

"A-Arthur. How have I missed so much?" She stutters confused.

I sigh.

"Where's Gwen...?" She asks carefully.

"She... she left Camelot, with a knight named Lancelot." My voice cracks and I fail to hide the pain in my voice.

Morgana's face softens.

"You loved her." It wasn't a question.

I shrug my shoulders. She nods.

"Anything else I should know? Merlin's still here right? Gaius?" I nod.

"Actually Gaius will probably want to talk to you."

"Alright. Get a servant to fetch me new clothes." She says, looking down at her robes. I nod and leave, closing the door behind me.

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