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Merlin Reacts by chazza678
Merlin Reactsby chazza678
The characters of BBC Merlin react to the show! started: 13th November 2023 finished: (all characters and scenes belong to BBC Merlin)
My Guardian Angel by EmilyWallas
My Guardian Angelby SuperMerlock!!
Arthur had always thought that he was lucky like he had some sort of guardian angel. He never thought that the guardian angel watching over him was his clumsy oaf of a s...
Origin Of Albion by EmrysUshio
Origin Of Albionby Ushio
This is a Merlin x Arthur fan fiction. I will be including some fluff and smut, but I dislike putting warnings on the episodes as I dont want to spoil the content of the...
The Four Royals by AvalonIsRising
The Four Royalsby AvalonIsRising
Merlin and Gwen meet in the forest while Merlin is heading for Camelot. Merlin not knowing his destiny yet gets a small crush on the prince. Better yet Arthur becomes ob...
The Shadow of the Moon by Aithysa
The Shadow of the Moonby : unnerving !
COMPLETE: Exiled from Camelot in the aftermath of a life changing attack, Merlin has spent the last year in hiding, tortured by an instinct he couldn't control. But when...
Merthur - The Blue Butterfly by CreamyXD
Merthur - The Blue Butterflyby CreamyXD
Beautiful cover made by FangirlLikeYouMeanIt! :D When Uther Pendragon finally tracks down the rogue dragonlord to Ealdor he finds the man with a wife and child. The king...
Sweet Dreams by Triquetra123
Sweet Dreamsby Triquetra123
02×10 Sweet Dreams AU. What if it was Merlin's, not Gwen's, kiss that broke the enchantment? What would happen? How would Gwen react? What would Arthur do? Merthur. (I...
Merthur: What is a Prince Without His Servant by SubaruKun13
Merthur: What is a Prince Subaru Kun
(I don't own the show Merlin) Merlin and Arthur find themselves on a mission to capture a wanted sorcerer, not aware of the danger they will be finding themselves in.
I like your stupid face / Merthur by firedork_
I like your stupid face / Merthurby Max⚡
Just a cute merthur fanfiction cause we deserve it after THAT ending. I fucking love these two and I hope you enjoy this story! (Morgana is good and doesn't have magic...
Heartquake by klaine_merthur
Heartquakeby STONY 4ever
Nobody knows that Merlin have daughter. What will happend when Arthur find out?
There For Me | Merthur by MisRisumo
There For Me | Merthurby Risumo
Merlin has always been there for Arthur. And the prince starts to realize just how comforting that is. Author note: The chapters are quite short on purpose, since I want...
The Green Eyed King [merthur, freard, pwaine] by MTheKiller
The Green Eyed King [merthur, fucking degenerate
[I wrote this fic for class and I have to present it - rip me (there are so many memes and references - im so sorry] A visiting prince flirts with Merlin and Arthur gets...
Magic by ColinsFace
Magicby ColinsFace
A Merlin fanfiction where Arthur learns of Merlin's little secret. Don't be surprised if there's some Merthur. I ship. First story on THIS site. I've written before so...
Betrayal and alliance  by CDMorgan
Betrayal and alliance by CDMorgan
When Merlin shows Arthur his secret, he doesn't take it so well. He banish Merlin from Camelot and his return will be punished by death. But soon after Arthur have send...
Boy From The Woods by IgnatiousTheWarlock
Boy From The Woodsby Perrin
Arthur Pendragon has always trusted his father's opinion of sorcery. He has witnessed, first hand, the atrocities Camelot's enemies could commit with the aid of magic. H...
Concoction (Finished) by Rosevinetales
Concoction (Finished)by Rosevine
A few Merlin One Shots that have refused to leave me alone. They have various pairings (mainly Merthur) and if you have an idea then I would be more than happy to try an...
Young Warlock || Merlin Stuff by -_eden-_
Young Warlock || Merlin Stuffby eden
Just a few pictures hanging around on my mobile. Mostly Merthur, but also some others. Have fun #1 merthur (06.-12.06.)
QUEEN OF DRAGONS       [BBC MERLIN] MERTHUR by merlinemrys09
QUEEN OF DRAGONS [BBC merlinemrys09
The forbidden love between a prince and the queen of dragons will their love prevail or will it crumble to the ground. I've changed a few things: Arthur and Morgana's ag...
Secrets of the past - Prince Merlin fanfic by writingwiizard
Secrets of the past - Prince Laura
When Merlin had arrived within earshot, Arthur asked: "What took you so long?" "I'm sorry, sire." Arthur frowned, he had been waiting for a sarcastic...
Master And Servant by MerlinGrayson
Master And Servantby MerlinGrayson
Au: Merlin is in need of money and the only enticing job is to be a Manservant in the Pendragon Manor. The legend about Master Pendragon is that he is a very cold, sadis...