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I narrow my eyes after the mysterious boy and start to follow.

Arthur door opens in front of me and he smiles at me.

"Hey Morgana. What's up?" He asks smiling pleasantly.

"Who were you just talking to?" I demand. He narrows his eyes.

"Why does it matter...?" He asks suspiciously.

"I... it doesn't. Never mind." I sigh. I need to calm down. He nods.

"Well I have an important meeting." He grabs his jacket and slips out of the room. Closing the door behind him. I sigh and walk down the hall.


I rush down the hall and bump into someone, leaving us both on out butts. I apologize quickly and pull myself up. I look down to see Morgana sitting in front of me.

"Oh I'm so sorry Morgana." I say, extending my hand to help her up.

She takes it suspiciously and stands, brushing herself off.

Before I understand what's happening, she's reaching for my face and her hand connects with my scar.

I quickly jerk back and she gasps.

"What happened again?" She asks again.

"Nothing. I fell." I mumble looking away. "Listen Arthur has this meeting and he's sent me to fetch Gaius. I gotta go." I nod and scurry off, not saying another word.

I reach Gaius who's just leaving our room.

"Hey we gotta go talk with Arthur. He's having a meeting about the King and his daughter."

"Alright. Let's go then." He sighs and we walk together down the halls.


I stand in the corner and watch Arthur speak about the arrangements for the King. I notice he doesn't bring up the fact that Sophia is gonna try to kill him but whatever, not like it's important or anything.

I sigh and look around bored. I notice the new knight is at the table.

Caleb... Was that it? No... Caden? Yeah that's it. He sits there like he belongs. I smile at him. I'm glad we didn't kill him. Arthur nods at me then at the empty goblets on the table. I nod and rush over, filling up a few. Gawaine thanks me with a pat to my back but other than that I'm ignored. I scurry back over to my corner and lean on the wall.

They talk for a while. I pace around a bit. Eventually they start to wrap up the meeting and I stop pacing.

My head gets a bit dizzy and I put my hand on the wall and close my eyes.

A pounding pain comes to my head and I gasp, loosing my grip on the wall and sliding down. I squeeze my eyes shut painfully and groan.

"Merlin? Merlin!? Are you okay!?" I hear Arthur ask panicked.

I blink and sit up.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just tripped." I lie and stand up, using the wall as my support.

He helps me a bit and I brush myself off.

I look up to see all of the knights and Gaius looking at me in surprise. I blush and look down.

"Clumsy me." I mumble and pull Arthur out of the room.

"Didn't mean to make a scene. Sorry." I mumble.

"What was that about!? Are you okay?" We turn the corner and he grabs my face, looking into my eyes.

"Nothing. I fell. That's it."



"Merlin stop being complicated! Just tell me what's going on." He pleads.

I sigh. "I don't know Arthur. If I did I would tell you. I probably just need some sleep." Even as I said it I didn't believe it. My head was pounding and every muscle and bone in my body was aching. He doesn't seem to believe it either, but decides not to push it.

"Alright. Go to bed. Get some rest. And talk to Gaius about it." He leans in to whisper to me.

"I love you Merlin. Take care of yourself." He pulls away slightly to look into my eyes before kissing me quickly.

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