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"Merlin! Now!" Arthur yells. I rush into the room, rolling my eyes at his pathetic attempt to dress himself. He has his shirt stuck over his head and for a selfish moment I stare at his perfectly sculpted chest before rushing over to help. I honestly don't have a clue what he would do without me. I reach over and easily pull the tunic over his head. He huffs and his cheeks burn a bit red when he notices my smirk.
"Stop acting so smug Merlin. I wouldn't have to worry myself with getting dressed if my servant was ON TIME.." He mutters angrily as he walks to the table where his breakfast lays.
"Sorry sire." I say sarcastically but Arthur being such an idiot doesn't catch it.
"We're going hunting today. Prepare our horses and round the usual crew and meet me outside in 10." He demands. Already stuffing his big mouth with food. I catch myself staring at that big mouth but not quick enough. He glares up at me. "What exactly are you staring at Lin?"
"N-nothing sire. I'll get right on that." I mutter and quickly walk out to prepare for the unexpected hunting trip.

We ride into the forest in silence. Arthur appears to be in a bad mood this morning so I don't bother trying to talk to him. He just rides along, glaring ahead. I ride behind him a bit, next to one of the other knights I don't know by name. Once we reach a decent place just into the forest, we dismount and tie up our horses.
We only have about 6 other men not including me and Arthur. He starts talking about the plan when one of the horses whinnies really loud. We all look over. He looks confused at first but puts it off and continues talking. When the horse whinnies again, followed by the others, Arthur looses his annoyed glare and a look of worry creases his eyebrows. He glances around, pulling his sword from its sheath. The six knights suddenly fall forward and a loud war cry rings throughout the air. Bandits from all sides close in and Arthur juts his arm protectively around me and gets into a fighting stance. We stand back to back. Arthur is good, but there's at least 20 men here, all with weapons drawn and pointed at the King. One man lurches forward at Arthur and he quickly retaliates with an easy stab at the mans unprotected chest. And that's when I noticed these bandits weren't usual bandits. They had no armor and odd clothes. At first I thought Druids but I sensed no magic what so ever from them. Also, their fighting skills weren't very good. I watched as Arthur took out 3 in a mere minuet or so. I let my guard down, after all we have this. It'll be an easy fight and when it's over we can take the men back to Gaius where he can help them. They weren't dead. Simply unconscious but that didn't exactly help us in the fight. I look away from the men facing me to see how Arthur is doing. He's in a stand still with a bandit that's got to be twice my size. I hear footsteps and quickly turn to look at the three men who had advanced on me. I hear Arthur cry out and quickly turn to see that the man had knocked him unconscious. I noticed none of our men have been hurt or killed, showing that these people want us captured. Now that Arthur was unconscious I had no other option besides magic. I look back towards the three men and they go flying through the air, landing on their butts in a daze. I look at the remaining 8 or so behind me and I feel my eyes flash gold as they all drop their weapons and fly through the air as well. The first three I've attacked had gotten to their feet and were scrambling over each other to get away.
"S-so-sorcerer!!" One yells and the others quickly look up in fear. In an instant all of the remaining men had cleared out and I was left standing with the King and knights unconscious on the ground around me. I smirk and look down to the King to see a betrayed, terrified and confused face staring back at me.

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