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She's clueless.

When I finally got Morgana back, I was exhausted. The spell took a lot of energy. Morgana was back, but asleep. Just as I was about to leave to inform Arthur, she awoke.

And she's clueless.

"Merlin. Where am I? These aren't my chambers. And where's Qwen? And what am I wearing!?" I could do nothing but stand with my mouth wide open and stare at her. Gaius too.

"M-Morgana what are you talking about...?" I question cautiously.

"What am I talking about? Have you not seen this gown? It's not mine. What is it? Merlin answer me." She demands angrily. I turn my head slowly to Gaius.

"Fetch Arthur.. and some guards," I mumble to him. He nods and takes a quick look at Morgana before leaving to fetch Arthur.

Confused, she glares at me.

"What's this about Merlin?" She questions skeptically. I hear the door open behind me and I turn to see Arthur storming in, sword in hand, pointed at Morgana with three guards following, doing the same. Gaius runs in after Arthur.

"Sire let me explain, she's not a danger."

Arthur glares at Morgana.

"What are your intentions." He demands coldly.

Morgana gasps, her eyes widening.

"A-Arthur why are you pointing that at me. It's dangerous." She says, eyeing the swords warily.

Arthur's stern look drops.

"What kind of act is this.." He attempts confidence but I hear his confusion.

"What act! Why won't anyone answer me?! What am I doing in this room, and what is with this gown!? Where is Gwen. Someone fetch Gwen."

Arthur drops his sword and looks to me.

"What is this Merlin. Why is she acting this way?"

"I'm right here you know." Morgana says angrily.

"I don't know Arthur. I have no clue." I mutter.

"We... uh. I. We'll be back." Arthur mutters to Morgana, grabbing my sleeve and pulling me out of the room. Gaius following.

"Gaius have you heard of anything like this happening?" I ask, "Like have you...." I trail off when I see his pale face.

"Yes. Yes I have. She's forgotten.. well everything. If I'm correct she remembers up to her learning of her magic...." He mutters.

I exchange looks with Arthur.

"Arthur I have to talk with Gaius."

"Merlin. I know what's going on now. I can hear to." He mutters grumpy.

"No Arthur. I need to talk to Gaius. I promise I'll call you in and tell you what's going on. But right now, I just have to talk to him."

He groans. "Fine." He pouts and walks off.

Gaius turns to me.

"Gaius... we can do this over. If we just tell her. And tell her how to use it and embrace it.. maybe she'll be better. She won't be angry. Oh my god. She doesn't know Arthur is king. She doesn't know Uther is dead. How could we explain this to her!? Maybe we'll just tell her she went on a ride with Gwen or something and she fell off of her horse and her father died and Gwen left.. but how long can we say she was out for? She'll be curious why everyone isn't moping about Uther and why we don't have a funeral. Maybe we could say swine poisoned her and she's been out for months. Or maybe-" Gaius finally cuts off my rant
"Merlin. We'll figure it out. And I think you're right. We might be able to change her. But for now. We need to let her rest. You too. I can tell how much that spell took out of you. Go. I can handle this for now." He says in a fatherly tone.
I sigh in defeat.
"Fine. I'll go. Don't tell her anything important yet. Thank you Gaius."
He nods at me. I turn and walk down the hall to my room.

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