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"We need to change the laws..." Merlin states carefully. We're sitting in my room. Well, I'm sitting in my room. He's cleaning and such.
"I don't know. My father was not completely wrong. Magic can be evil." I state, rubbing my chin.
Merlin gives me a look and rolls his eyes.
"Arthur, we've had more trouble because magic is outlawed. The people will be grateful, they won't want to hurt you. Why was you know who bad in the first place? She was mad at Uther. The Druids won't hurt you. Or anyone. They're peaceful. We won't stop any evil magic by outlawing it." Arg why does he have to make sense.
"I know, I know. I just, it's hard to just throw away the laws my father spent so long keeping in place, even if he was wrongly doing so."
He sighs exasperated.
"Arthur. Uther is gone. You're king now." I sigh.
"You're right. It's for her anyways." I stand up. "I'll go inform Gaius."
Merlin puts his hand on my arm, sending shivers down my spine.
"Arthur let me do that. I am still your servant after all." He smirks.
I nod, and he leaves the room. I sit back down and put my head in my hands.

I walk down the hall in silence. Magic, allowed in the kingdom. Finally I won't have to hide it anymore. I'm shaken from my selfish thought when I bump into someone. I stumble back to see that it's Morgana. My first impulse is to run or fight, but I remember she's not the same.. err. She is the same but not the evil same.
"Sorry Morgana." I mumble.
"Merlin what happened to you?" She asks startled.
"What do you mean?" I ask, genuinely confused.
"Your face. What's that cut from?" She says reaching for the still healing gash above my eyebrow.
Before I can pull away, her fingers make contact. She gasps and pulls her hand away, looking down at it in confusion. My eyes widen.
"Morgana? Are you okay?" I question, startled.
She shakes her head and blinks a few times before answering.
"Yeah, just.. Nothing." I tilt my head slightly but don't push it.
"Well I have to go talk to Gaius. If you need anything.. let me know. Okay?"
"Yeah sure. Thanks Merlin." She smiles when she says my name and I smile back and walk off.


"Arthur sent you to tell me this?" He asks astounded.
"Yes. He has to announce it before we inform Morgana." I say for the third time.
"Alright. Make sure he does so quick, I don't know how long until she comes searching for answers." I nod and consider telling him about what happened earlier with Morgana. Deciding against it, I turn to leave.
"Oh and Merlin?" I stop and look back at Gaius. "Be careful. I'm not sure how or why this happened but don't trust anything quite yet." I smile and nod.
"I got this Gaius." I turn and leave.
Making my way back to Arthur's chambers, I find him pacing, running his hands through his hair.
"Arthur? Gaius says we must do this rather soon." He sighs loudly.
"I'm nervous Merlin. This is gonna open up more opportunities for people to get to me."
I smile.
"And I'll be here with you through it all." He smiles at me. Before I realize it his lips are smashing into mine, and I don't hesitate to kiss back. I jump back when a few seconds later a knock sounds on the door, then opens. I notice Arthur blushing as well as me and I look at my feet.
"Yes Morgana?" I hear Arthur ask. I look up.
"Is there anyone coming to the kingdom?" She asks shyly.
Arthur eyebrows knit together in confusion.
"King James and his daughter Sophia are in a week or two to stay at the castle... why?"
"Maybe they shouldn't come." She says.
"Morgana can I talk to you? With Gaius?" I suddenly blurt out.
They both look at me confused.
"Merlin, this is kind of important. I have to talk to Arthur."
"I know but this is also very important. And Arthur needs to make an announcement anyways." I glare at him.
"What announcement?" She asks.
"Never mind. This is more important. Please? Come with me?"
She sighs.
"Fine. Arthur I need to speak with you later." And with that, she nods and turns to leave. I sohot one last look at Arthur before I follow her.

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