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The ride to the outer towns feels like days. Oh. That's because it is days. It takes us about two full days of riding before we get there. The other knights and I tease Gwaine about his mystery girl and he gets rather uncomfortable.
By the time we reach the town, the day is nearly over. We decide to camp about two hours ride away from the town for the night.

We sleep early and get up when it's still dark. We ride to the town and enter by foot. Theres strangely no one out at this hour. Most folk would be up farming.

"I have a really bad feeling Arthur. We should probably turn back." Gwaine says, nervously.

"This is my kingdom. If something is wrong and my people are in danger it's my duty to help them."

We walk through the silent town. As were passing another dark and silent house, I hear a baby's cry, which is quickly smothered. I walk to the door and knock.

"Hello? It's your king, is anyone here?" I announce awkwardly. I hear the slightest shuffling. The drapes on the window next to the door opens a peek and I can see a small head peek out. The door suddenly opens, knocking me into one of my Knights. I regain my balance to see a family of 3 standing eagerly in front of me.

"Is that really you King Arthur!?" Says who I think is the father. The woman elbows him and curtsies, the small child and man follow suit.

"Er, yes. It is. Is everything all right?" I start to see curtains open and doors creak around us. Everyone in the town is peeking out. I hear another baby's cry from somewhere in the house. The woman rushes in and reappears with an infant.

"No sire. Our town has had disappearances recently. At first we assumed they died to rabid animals in the night but we started getting blatantly attacked sire. A group of dark mean men come to town and raise havoc, destroying crops, killing animals and every fortnight they kidnap someone from the town. It's awful. We barely leave our home anymore. People are starting to starve..." The woman says nervously. The man puts his hand lovingly on the small quiet girls head.

"Well how long has it been since they've been here? We can wait for them." I ask.

"They should be here soon actually. There a couple days later than usual. But I don't doubt that they'll be back..." The woman looks nervous. Guilty almost.

"Well let's make a plan then." We gather the towns people to figure it out

Nothing. Blackness. That's what I saw for a long time. And then a field. It was so familiar but I couldn't put my finger on where I had saw it. I started walking. It was so peaceful. An easy wind was making the flowers sway. I bend down to pick up a white Lilly. It was so small and beautiful. I look up and look around. No one else is here, but I feel like someone's watching me. I look down at the flower in my hand to see that it's pure white colour was now red.
Something starts dripping off the petals.
I look back up to see that the scene had changed. The sky was dark. Thunderous clouds had replaced the beautiful blue the sky had been just a moment before. A heavy wind swept through the field, sending goosebumps down my arms. I drop the bloody flower and turn around. And I see Arthur.
"Arthur?" I yell. He doesn't move. He's standing perfectly still. His hair whipping around his head. I start to walk to him but I don't make any distance. Every step I take he seems to get further and further away. I start running at him. And then out of no where he appears in front of me.
I run into him and fall back.
I look up at him, and I see his shirt is soaking itself in blood. His eyes start bleeding, his nose... everything.
I try to stand and reach for him but i can't move.
"Arthur...?" I can't manage more then a meek whisper. He looks at me. His eyes sad and red.
"I'm sorry Merlin. I... Goodbye."
Before I can say anything, a large shiny sword protrudes from his heart. The shiny blade dripping his blood on my face.
And then, nothing.

Okay I'm the worst I know. I'm sorry. This is a filler. I have more time on my hands and should be writing more. Sorry this is so short, and sorry I've abandoned this story for so long. I love you guys. ❤️❤️

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