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"Are you sure you'll be able to ride fine with your wounds" Arthur asks nervously for the third time.

"Yes Arthur. I'll be fine. The don't even hurt," I lie, "let's go already."

We get our horses and ride out of the castle. I notice Arthur purposefully avoids the area of the forest we were in before and we ride through a thinner part. After a few minuets we end out into an open area. The clearing was huge and I wonder how I've never seen it before.

I gasp at how beautiful it is. There's flowers everywhere of all different colors. Insects like butterfly's and bee's fly about, making the screen perfect. I notice Arthur look over at me and smirk. I look to him.

"Did you know about this? It's beautiful!" I almost shout at him, looking back at the opening.

"Of course I knew. How else would I have brought us here?" He asks laughing. I pull my horse so he starts to trot forward a bit. I laugh to and turn back to Arthur.

"How did you find this place?!" I ask, still stunned it exists.

"I umm. I didn't find it... Gwen had showed it to me.. before she...ummm." I nod my head understanding he doesn't want to talk about it. It had been so long since Gwen left. I knew Arthur had loved her. But after Lancelot survived, Gwen and him left. Lancelot was too nice to be anywhere near the castle with Arthur around so they both left. I cut through the awkward silence.

"Now what?"

"Well. Let's get off and we can talk about the many times I called you an idiot when I was the idiot. And maybe you could show me some magic?"

I sharply look over at him.

"You want me to show you magic? I get that your.. okay with me, but I'm surprised you want me to use it." I state confused.

"Why not. I mean. You've had it for... how long have you had it for?" He asks.

"I was born with it."

"You didn't practice and learn it? I've never heard of that happening." He mutters confused again. He dismounts his horse and I follow suit. We tie them to the trees and walk into the clearing together.

"I haven't either, but Morgana didn't practice it.." He looks over sharply at the name Morgana. I change the subject quickly.

"So.. what do you want to see?"

"Uhmm. I don't know actually. The only thing I've seen you do was to those bandit guys. I don't really know what you can do.." He sounds almost ashamed at this. I smirk.

I look at the flowers and I feel my eyes flash. A few of the flowers came alive and started dancing. A few others joined in and soon there were 30 flowers dancing together. I look over at Arthur and see him eyes go wide. He smiles and starts laughing. His laugh. It's so cute.

"It's wonderful! Haha! I had no clue magic could be this fun!" He laughs some more and crouches. He reaches a hand to the flowers and one jumps on his hand. He flinches a bit but It just dances and dances. Arthur looks up to me and I feel my eyes flash again. All of the flowers run back to where they were planted before and stop moving. I smile and look to Arthur to see his stunned face.

"What. You wanted them back?" I ask confused.

"I was gonna ask you about this. How come you don't need spells? I just saw your eyes flash like, a golden colour and they just. Went back."

"Like I said. I was born with magic. I don't know why or how. My mother doesn't have magic. I know why but.."


"The dragon said it's to protect you. That my destiny is to keep you safe and you'll only become king with my help. I highly doubt that. Yeah I've saved your life more times than I can count but.. I don't know. I just done see myself as important...." I lead off. Thinking of what Morgana had said. Emrys. My Druid name. She had literally fear in her eyes. Was I really destined to be such a powerful sorcerer? Arthur looks at me funny and I realize he has asked something.

"Sorry what?"

"Are you okay? I mean. You look pretty beat up and you lost a lot of blood but I mean. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm great. I'm better than great. This has been a huge burden on my chest ever since I came to Camelot and saw that man hanged. I've had to hide it from you but also save you constantly. It was hard. Almost impossible when Uther was alive. It's such a relief to say it. Yeah. I'm okay" I say happily.

"Merlin. I-I want to say something to you that I've never said before..."

"Oh. What is it?"

"Thank you."

I smile at him. That also feels pretty good. Being thanked for my work. Without thinking I hug him. I pull myself together, blushing.

"Sorry. I know your not a hug kinda guy but. That's my thanks to you." I slowly look up to see him smiling and... blushing? No. The sun must've reddened his cheeks. He looks away before I can investigate further.

"M-Merlin I have something to tell you." He looks straight at the ground avoiding eye contact.

"You know you can tell me anything. And I promise I won't execute you," I laugh at my stupid joke. He smirks and looks up. I notice now that either he's really sensitive to the sun or he's blushing. I think the latter is more likely.

"M-Merlin. I l-li.. I think I love-" He's cut off and I wonder why.

I look down to notice an arrow protruding from his chest.

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